Alternatives To ESPN

10 Great Alternatives To ESPN

ESPN has been around for decades and is a household name. However, it’s not the only place that you can find sports coverage. In this post, we’re going to talk about seven alternatives to ESPN that provide you with great content without having any ads or subscription fees!

1. Stalkscan

2. Forza Football

3. Premier League

4. Sleeper

5. FlashScore

6. SofaScore live score

7. LiveScore

8. FotMob

9. BBC Sport

10. StubHub Sports Scores

11. AOL Sports News Feeds

12. Onefootball


Stalkscan is a site that provides you with up-to-date news, stats, and scores for all the teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. What’s cool about this ESPN alternative is that they provide live updates of games as well! They also have something called ‘Gamecast,’ which gives you statistical data on every player from each game.

Forza Football

This ESPN alternative has been around since 2009 (so it’s not new!), but I still wanted to include them because they are amazing! Forza Football offers pre-match analysis articles and videos, so if your favorite team isn’t playing today, then there will be an article or video waiting for you! This ESPN alternative also offers a live commentary of live games, which is excellent if you happen to be in bed.

Premier League

For those of you who love soccer (which I know are many), this ESPN alternative will surely please! Premier League provides content for all three ‘big’ leagues: English, Spanish, and German. They also have their TV channel that shows every game from each club! What sets them apart from ESPN is that they offer a free trial period – unlike ESPN, where it costs money upfront. If you’re looking for an ESPN substitute with low subscription fees, this would be perfect for you since they only charge $0.99/month after the trial period.


Sleeper is an ESPN alternative I love. They’re a site that provides you with live scores and live updates for the Premier League, Europa League, Champions League and, as well as other soccer leagues! What’s great about this ESPN alternative is that they have their TV channel too (similar to ESPN), which shows all of the games from those three big European Leagues. It’s also worth mentioning that Sleeper has been around since 2009, so again it isn’t new – but still deserves your attention because of its excellent service. The only thing they lack is articles like Forza Football does – but if you don’t need them, then it doesn’t matter!


This ESPN substitute focuses mainly on tennis. They offer live updates, videos, and articles for all the current tournaments happening worldwide and past matches that occurred in years gone by! The ESPN alternative is free to use, which is always a bonus. So be warned about this if you don’t want ads!

SofaScore Live Score

This ESPN substitute provides soccer coverage with live commentary from games. It’s available as both a website and an app which is excellent because it can work whether your phone has serviced or not (whereas ESPN requires internet). This ESPN alternative also focuses primarily on football/soccer – unlike ESPN, where many sports are covered.


This ESPN substitute is another website that focuses primarily on soccer, but this ESPN alternative does it differently. Live-score has been around since 2001, so they’ve proven themselves! This ESPN substitute also provides coverage of live games worldwide and even offers some commentary for listeners rather than readers.


For any football fans out there, FotMob will please you with its content! In addition to providing articles (both past and present) about your favorite teams, this ESPN alternative also allows you access to their TV channel, which shows every game LIVE! At first glance, I thought it was only available through an app – but then I found out that they have a website with the TV feed, which is perfect for those who don’t like downloading apps.

BBC Sport

This ESPN substitute has been around since 2000, and it’s still going strong! BBC sports provides live coverage of all sorts of events, from football to cricket, but they also offer articles, videos, and podcasts about each event. What sets them apart from ESPN, though (aside from their longevity), is that they have a lot more content on some topics than ESPN does – so if you’re looking for something in particular, then this might be your best option out there right now.

StubHub Sports Scores

I enjoy StubHub because it presents live scores at the top of its homepage, whereas ESPN alternative websites only offer live scores when you click on a specific game. They have in-depth articles about all sorts of sports and plenty of videos too! What’s more, they’re available as an app, so it has the ESPN feel without the ESPN cost 🙂

AOL Sports News Feeds

I haven’t used this ESPN alternative before myself, but I found that AOL provides lots of different ESPN substitutes worth your consideration. They offer articles, videos, and podcasts all about sports from soccer to football – so if you’re interested in any other sport, then this ESPN alternative might be the one for you!


This ESPN substitute provides coverage of all the latest European football/soccer news. They also have an app available for download, and it’s free! The ESPN alternative is effortless to use, too – with just a few clicks, you can find out about any team, their stats, or even watch live games on your phone (assuming you have wifi).

Are There ESPN Alternatives For Children?

No, ESPN substitutes are not specifically geared towards kids.

How can I unsubscribe from ESPN email alerts and still receive updates about the sports teams that interest me?

You’ll need to contact directly by filling out their form on their website or calling them at 800-558-1855. You may also be able to unsubscribe through your account settings page on Well – look under “My Email Preferences.” If you’re unable to find this option, please reach out again to get more information!

What Are ESPN Alternatives For Kids?

Kids can get ESPN-like coverage of sports news and games without having an ESPN subscription, though these options won’t have live broadcasts as ESPN does. Kids will also need help navigating around sites designed especially for adults because they’ll be full of inappropriate content! One suggestion is – espncricinfo is a great ESPN substitute for adults and kids alike because it provides live scores, articles about matches, and lots of other sports-related content too!

Can I Watch ESPN Alternatives Online Without Downloading Anything?

Yes, ESPN substitutes are available both as a website and an app, so you can find online or download the ESPN Cricinfo app for Android, iPhone, or iPad!

Can I Watch ESPN Alternatives On My TV?

No, ESPN abilities will not be able to stream live games onto your television. To make it easier to understand what we’re saying: if you want to watch ESPN on your TV, please reach out by filling in their form on the website. You’ll need accessible wifi (the ESPN site is currently unavailable from outside the U.S)