Alternatives To WD-40

14 Alternatives To WD-40

There are alternative ways to fix common problems. WD-40 is one of the most popular household items, but there are alternative products available for a variety of different uses. In this article, we will discuss 14 alternative uses for WD-40 and their benefits!

WD-40 Pros

1. WD-40 is used by the military, so it can handle anything

2. It’s safe to use on metal, plastic, rubber, and more

3. It protects against corrosion and rust

4. Keeps your tools in good shape with regular applications

5. You’ll never lose a nut or bolt again! 6. WD-40 has over 3,000 uses – just ask any mom!

WD-40 Cons

1. WD-40 is flammable

2. It can’t be used as a lubricant because it dries out quickly

3. It’s only good for a few specific tasks, such as removing stickers and loosening rusted bolts

4. You have to use more of the product than you would with other products on the market to get similar results

5. The price is twice that of other brands that are better quality – but not all WD-40 cans are created equal!

Here Are The 14 Alternative Uses For WD-40 Are:

1) Lubricant – WD-40 helps free sticky objects, lubricate moving parts and eradicate squeaks. It also protects against rust and corrosion!

2) Rust Remover – Spray on a light coat of water with WD-40 before you apply. Be sure to clean afterward so the new surface is not covered in oil!

3) Glass Cleaner – Use as an alternative or supplement your favorite glass cleaner by spraying it on then wiping off any excess with a paper towel or rag. This can be done inside or outside the house without leaving streaks as some other cleaners do!

4) Metal Polisher – Apply small amounts using steel wool (or similar) and then wipe clean.

5) Carpet Cleaner – Sprinkle on a little WD-40, let it sit for 30 minutes, and vacuum up the mess!

6) Air Conditioning Deodorizer – Spray onto vents to remove any foul smells and free sticky parts. It also protects against corrosion that can cause leaks or breakdowns.

7) Paint Thinner – Use if you’re trying to paint over something but don’t want your brushstrokes showing too much. Apply small amounts with an old toothbrush as needed across the surface of what you are painting before starting work.

8) Grease Remover & Lubricant – This alternative is perfect for getting animal fat from clothes without ruining them in the process! Simply spray some WD-40 onto the grease, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

9) Door Stop – WD-40 can be used to keep doors in place so they don’t shut on you or anything else! Simply spray some along the door stop before lining up as usual.

10) Furniture Polish – Apply small amounts onto furniture using an old toothbrush, cloth, or rag. It not only allows your handiwork to shine but also protects against corrosion that would otherwise cause problems like breaking joints.

11) Motor Oil Stains – Spray the stained area with WD-40 (let sit) then wipe away excess oil from clothing when done working out of clothes. A simple alternative to make sure any stain comes off without damaging fabric while removing any grease.

12) Ball Bearing Lubricant – Spray this alternative onto ball bearings that are squeaking in order to stop them from making noise and causing problems with opening or closing windows, screens, etc.

13) Garden Hose Connector Stoppers – Use WD-40 for those stubborn connectors! Simply spray around the connector until it loosens up enough to easily remove without any broken joints or other damages.

14) Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Fill the bottom of the toilet bowl up halfway with water, then add a small amount (around one tablespoon) of WD-40 before using as normal. It removes stains caused by urine and helps eliminate odors while protecting against rusting too!

Can I Use Cooking Spray Instead Of WD40?

No, you can’t. Cooking sprays are made to be sprayed and then wiped away so there won’t be any residue left behind. WD-40 is used as a lubricant that leaves traces on the surface it’s being applied to. It also protects against corrosion that would otherwise cause problems like breaking joints or parts not functioning properly.

Is WD-40 Safe For Animals?

WD-40 will likely have adverse effects if consumed by your pet but nothing serious enough to warrant concern in most cases when used externally (around the house). In order to ensure safety, we recommend using this product in a well-ventilated area while keeping pets at bay where possible!

Can I Use WD40 To Clean My Computer Screen?

No, this is not a good idea. The oil in the product can damage your laptop or tablet’s screen depending on what type of material it is made out of so we do not recommend spraying any other surface with it either!

Can I Pour WD40 Into My Car Engine?

WD-40 should never be used as an additive for fuel but will work well as a cleaner for the exterior and some parts that would otherwise get covered in grime after time spent outside. Again though, make sure you are using this product safely at all times by following our safety guidelines.