4chan Alternatives

7 Alternatives & Similar Apps for 4chan & Comparisons

Ever since 4chan was shut down by its creator, 4chan has been a popular search term. There are plenty of 4chan alternatives out there that you can choose from. Here are 7 great 4chan alternative sites to explore!

1. Reddit

2. FoxyProxy

3. Newgrounds Chat

4. ZeroChan

5. HispaChan

6. Digg

7. Slashdot

8. ImageChan

9. ZerofucksChan



Reddit is one of the most famous social media sites on the internet today. It’s an excellent place for all users to talk about anything they want without posting with any restrictions whatsoever (much like 4Chan). The site gets more than 140 million visits per month and it boasts over 300 million registered accounts. And while there’s no way to browse anonymously at this very instant, Reddit offers “Reddit gold” as a premium membership option which provides access to features such as disabling ads, custom themes for mobile or desktop versions of the site, and a 4chan alternative.



FoxyProxy is an online service to unblock content from any location in 4chan. You can use it to bypass regional restrictions on websites as well 4chans such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Pandora Radio. To start using FoxyProxy just download the software to your computer or subscribe through their proxy browser extension (like 4Chan).

Newgrounds Chat

Newgrounds Chat offers a chatroom based around 4chan with many new features that were not available before like private messaging, video playback control buttons right next to live chat messages(similar 4chan), powerful search engine function for locating lost friends easily- among others! There are also public rooms that you can 4chans 4chan and chat with other members of 4chan.

The browser extension for Newgrounds Chat is available on both Chrome and Firefox platforms. This 4Chan alternative allows you to access the site without restrictions in your 4chan, such as location or internet service provider limitations (such as 4Chon). The video playback control buttons are right next to live chat messages- which means that you can keep watching a movie while chatting at the same time! It also has private messaging so if someone says something bad about your favorite TV show it’s possible to send them an anonymous message telling them off, this kind of interaction was not possible before!



ZeroChan is a 4chan alternative that works for 4chan. It features a lot of the same 4chans 4chan and content, but it’s also open source so anyone can chat anonymously- which means you don’t have to sign up or give any personal information about yourself unless you really want to!

Another bonus with ZeroChan is that there are no ads on their website; they’re all just interested in building an awesome 4chan site. They offer free membership without ever asking for your email address as well as tons of customization options (like 4Chon).

The only downside to this one has been glitches in the past few years where people couldn’t log in to their account at random intervals- however, some users reported better luck 4chans 4chan than others.



Digg is a 4chan alternative that 4chans 4chan a lot of different types of content, including videos. You can create your own account and submit links to the site with whatever title you want- there are no restrictions!

There’s also a comment section where people will vote on whether or not they think an article should be Dugg; it works in much the same way as Reddit. The downside here has been all the ads that pop up when browsing- but if you’re just going for 4Chan then this won’t really matter at all (like 4Chon).



As a 4chan alternative, HispaChan offers the 4chans 4chan membership for free and also has no pop-up ads. This site is open to all who wish to browse anonymously without any restrictions on location or internet service provider limitations (like 4Chon). There are many 4chans 4chan than 4Chan features including private messaging so you can speak with other users of this website in complete anonymity!

Another great feature about this site is that there are zero banner ads which means they won’t distract from browsing anything else as they do on sites like Reddit. One downside though would be that sometimes people have problems logging into their account at random intervals; it seems to happen more often than not for some reason but if 4chans 4chan are looking for 4Chan then this shouldn’t be an issue at all!


ImageChan 4chan alternative which has a lot of great features. There are public chat rooms for people to talk, as well as the ability to sign up and have your own account! The browser extension is available on both Chrome and Firefox platforms, making it easier than ever to access Newgrounds Chat without restrictions in your location or internet service provider limitations (like 4Chon). It also offers video playback control buttons right next to live chat messages- so you can keep watching a movie while chatting at the same time! Private messaging is offered too if someone says something bad about your favorite TV show; now there’s an anonymous way of telling them off that wasn’t possible before with other sites like 4Chon


ZerofucksChan is an open-source site which means there are tons of features including the ability to post anonymously (like 4Chon). This website doesn’t have any banner ads so it won’t interfere with browsing content like Reddit does- however, some people report not being able to log in at random intervals as well. The only real downside of ZerofucksChan would be that they don’t allow NSFW posts.



The last website I’ll mention today is Slashdot which features community-generated news stories plotted out using Kinja software from Gawker Media. 4Chan is the ability to comment on these stories and share your opinions- it’s very similar to Reddit.

Reasons why Reddit is a good alternative to 4chan

4chan.org is a simple image-based bulletin board. But why not use the far superior FoxyProxy to browse 4chan? FoxyProxy is a free open source proxy application which can be used to anonymously bypass content filters and firewalls. This protects your identity and prevents prying eyes, such as bosses or family members, from discovering what you’re browsing online.

Reasons why FoxyProxy is a good alternative to 4chan

FoxyProxy is an excellent alternative to 4chan because it allows for faster browsing, more security and anonymity, and the ability to filter out specific image boards. 4chan has been around as long as most internet users can remember, with its first post made on October 1st, 2003; consequently, it’s the perfect example of how quickly technology changes. Unlike 4chan, FoxyProxy offers a better way to deal with today’s challenges like censorship and online identity theft.

Reasons why Newgrounds Chat is a good alternative to 4chan

4chan has been the cause of many controversies, with some users engaging in hate speech, trolling, and posting inappropriate images. Sites like Reddit have also had to deal with similar problems. Recently, 4chan was taken offline for unknown reasons, causing a mass migration to alternative sites. Newgrounds Chat is one of these sites, being an image-based bulletin board that is virtually immune to these new problems.

Reasons why ZeroChan is a good alternative to 4chan

The online community, ZeroChan, is the perfect alternative to the infamous website 4chan. What makes it so good? Well, for starters it’s much simpler than 4chan. All you need is an internet connection and a browser with support for html5 canvas. However, just because it’s less complicated doesn’t mean that ZeroChan has less options. With over 45 boards on the site ranging from anime to cars to photography boards, there’s an option for everyone.

Reasons why HispaChan is a good alternative to 4chan

HispaChan is an online bulletin board with no censorship – sometimes referred to as the Spanish equivalent of 4chan. The site’s founder, Administrator, and operator are all anonymous. This anonymity has resulted in interesting comment threads on controversial topics like feminism and political correctness. Additionally, there are few rules on the site, which means that content is free to be created without oversight.