Alternatives To Boomerang

8 Alternatives To Boomerang

Boomerang is a great app for boomeranging your emails, but what if you don’t have boomerang? There are plenty of alternatives to boomerang that can also be useful for the average email user. Here are our top 8 alternatives to boomerang:

1. Mailtrack.

2. Bananatag for Sales.

3. GMass.

4. Cirrus Insight.

5. Outreach.

6. Groove.

7. Mixmax

8. Mailspring



Mailtrack is a boomerang alternative that tracks emails sent and received. It alerts you when the recipient has opened your email, what links they clicked on, etc.



Mailspring enables teams to collaborate with threaded conversations and attachments without using up space in inboxes or cluttering search results.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight lets users stay informed of their contacts’ online activity by tracking clicks, visits, shares & likes across social media channels for individuals or organizations. Cirrus also integrates directly into Gmail as an extension to provide insights within Gmail chat windows for real-time monitoring of customer interactions from start to finish – no need for logging out!



Outreach provides targeted email outreach campaigns right inside Outlook at one low monthly price per user. Create a campaign to reach out to contacts with personalized, one-to-one messages.



Mixmax provides automation & intelligent messaging software for sales teams who want more personal interactions while tracking outreach efforts. An example would be auto follow-up after sending an email or setting reminders about important dates in your calendar based on past conversations. Mixmax also enables you to create smart templates so you can automatically incorporate dynamic content into every message!

Bananatag For Sales

Bananatag For Sales

Bananatag for Sales is a boomerang alternative that provides users with the ability to customize their boomeranging settings and then view reports of how emails are performed.



GMass is an alternative boomerang that lets you boomerang emails while also tagging them to a specific day and time.



Groove is an alternative boomerang that lets you organize your inbox with a smarter way of dealing with email.

Is There A Free Version Of Boomerang?

Boomerang is not free to use, but there are boomerang alternatives that offer a similar service.

Is There A Paid Version Of Boomerang?

Yes, boomerang offers both premium and pro versions for users who need more than the basics or want to add features like email scheduling features. Premium accounts start at $49/month per user and Pro starts at $99/month per account.

Are Any Other Boomerangs Available Besides Mailtrack?

There are many boomerangs on the market including Bananatag for Sales, GMass, Cirrus Insight, Outreach, and Mixmax. If you’re looking for one with all-around great reviews though then we recommend Groove!

What Does Boomerang Mean?

Boomerang is a boomerang or boomeranging to the original sender of an email that was sent and then deleted. It means you can send your recipient a new message with all the content they’ve missed without them knowing it’s from you.

Is Boomerang Free With Amazon Prime?

This boomerang alternative is available only to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Boomerang alternatives are not free, but they do offer convenient services for emailers who need them or want more than the basics of boomeranging. Free versions are also available, such as Mailtrack and Bananatag for Sales.

Is The Boomerang App Safe?

Yes. When boomeranging through Gmail it uses OAuth which is a safe-to-use authentication process. This means that Google will authorize Mixmax before allowing access to read any of Gmail’s data.

Does Outlook Have Boomerang?

Outlook boomerang is called “Boomeranged” and it’s available to use with Microsoft Office 365 email accounts.

How Do I Cancel Boomerang?

Select boomerang from the settings menu in Gmail. You’ll be asked to confirm your cancellation and then boomerangs will end immediately.

Alternatively, boomeranging can also be canceled by targeting a specific email thread (or conversation) with the sender and clicking “boom”. This is usually found under options such as unsubscribe or spam. Boomers are automatically removed after they expire on their own if you don’t cancel them manually!

Is Boomerang Worth The Money?

Boomerang is worth the money if you boomerang a lot, need to use it on more than one device, or want advanced features like email scheduling. There are boomerangs that provide a similar service but they might not be as good in quality and reports will vary based on what your needs are.

Sending boomeranged emails can feel just like sending an original message, without the recipient knowing that you’ve done so! This means there’s no fear of being detected by spam filters for example because when a person has boomeranged with someone else before then Gmail does not mark their messages from them as spam (or even recognize any new boomers).

Does Hulu Have Boomerang?

No, boomerang is not available on Hulu.

Is There An Adult Boomerang?

There’s no adult boomerangler at this time but boomeranging, in general, doesn’t have any relation to sex and many people use it for work purposes only. In other words, boomeranging should be used wisely and responsibly; please do not abuse the system of sending boomeranged emails just because it seems like fun!