AdminPick is a Technology focused blog built just for helping people in their different tech issues. There are lot of websites in this world but we want to make something different that will really help people in different aspects of their internet life.

We have a plan to make this website totally focused on technology issues and topics covering –

1. Top Alternatives Latest Windows Apps.
2. Popular Mac App Alternatives.
3. Best Google Chrome Extensions & Firefox Addons.
4. Similar Android Apps compared to the popular one.
5. Linux and Web Apps Alternatives.
6. Top Emojis & Lenny Faces and Fancy Texts for the people who love them with Social Media profiles.

Why AdmincPick is born?

Every person in this world is different. And so their wishes and behavior and likeliness with the stuff. Some people love Windows so much and some people use Mac and they can’t live without it. Some love using Canva to edit a simple image and some people love Stencil so much. That is okay. And surprisingly to meet the needs of such people, every kind of software, operating system, tools, apps, and utilities has a lot of alternatives. Those similar apps actually made people try out different things and choose the best one that matches their own environment and needs.

There are very few websites who enlist similar apps for the popular one and even if there are some; these are not easily distinguished. We ourselves tried to build a system so that every kind of similar utilities will have a comparison table so that the end-users will be able to pick their best alternatives analyzing our reviews, features and all the important pros and cons. Thus, this AdminPick is born.

Latest App Alternatives

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