10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Adapter & Comparisons

Adapter Adapter is a free video converter for Mac & PC. It converts avi, saves flash. Created by Macroplant Adapter is a free video converter for Mac & PC. It converts avi, saves flash .flv, crops video, and more! It even works with audio and image files so you can convert wav to mp3 and transform jpg files! This tiny freeware program lets you quickly and easily change any file type to any other file type. This includes converting standard image formats such as jpg, png, and tiffAdapter can convert almost anything to anything. It supports these files formats: 3g2, 3gp, 4xm, RoQ, ac3, alaw, asf, asf_stream, au, audio_dice, avi, crc, daud, dc1394, s, dv, dv1394, dvd, ea, ffm, film_cpk, flic, flv, gif, h261, h263, h264, idcin, image, image2, image2pipe, imagepipe, ipmovie, m4v, matroska, mjpeg, mmf, mov, mov, mp4, m4a, 3gp, 3g2, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpeg1video, mpeg2video, mpegts, mpegvideo, mpjpeg, mulaw, nsv, null, nut, ogg, psp, psxstr, rawvideo, redir, rm, rtp, rtsp, s16be, s16le, s8, sdp, shn, sol, svcd, swf, u16be, u16le, u8, vcd, video4linux, vmd, vob, wav, wc3movie, wsaud, wsvqa, yuv4mpegpipe, jpg, tiff, png…

A powerful video, audio, and image converter: Adapter

The adapter is a powerful converter for windows and as well as for Mac. It provides a variety of impressive features. In different formats, there are a variety of methods and options to convert the media into different formats. In this software, the user will find dozens of programs and various online solutions.

If you are using it the very first time then you need to distinguish your program from others and try to make a good impression. The adapter does a lot more for users. This program relies on the conversion and suggestion to download. It is during the installation. When you finish the download then you can see them in the queue and you can also add in it supported file types too.

The interface part is streamlined and very easy to use. The media that you are adding in it is very displayed with various information including the preview thumbnail, playing time, resolution, and size.

At the bottom of the menu of the interface displays the conversion format that makes the adapter available. The formats are sorted by type first, video, audio, and image and after tit format or device.

It is available for various devices for example Microsoft, Apple, Sony including the Xbox, kindle fire, iPhone 4s, or android phone but also for the generic purpose.

Find Top 10

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 MPEG Streamclip   Mac
Free Website
2 File Converter   Windows Explorer
Free Website
3 Freemake Video Converter Bundleware Windows Freemium Website
4 Format Factory Bundleware Windows Free Website
5 HandBrake Alternatives and Similar Software   Mac
Free Website
6 WinFF Alternatives and Similar Software   Windows
Free Website
7 Wondershare UniConverter   Mac
Commercial Website
8 Online video converter Web   Free Website
9 VidCoder   Windows S
Free Website
10 QWinFF Alternatives and Similar Software   Windows
Free Website

Feature of Adapter

  • It calculates the size of the destination format automatically which takes a couple of seconds only.
  • A click on the cog wheel displays the detailed information about the selected format as well as other preferences that may be given importance to you.
  • You can easily list any important information with the help of this software, audio preferences such as bit rate, frame rate, or resolution which can be easily modified. Most of these values are set for the same source but it is also possible to make modifications right here.
  • You can find in this software a trim feature unlike the other preferences and it only affects the selected source file and not all of them.
  • In this software, you can preview by a single click on a button as well. It also displays source and output formats next to each other, you can compare them very easily.
  • You can also modify the preview duration of 5 seconds to another value and also move the separator to the left or right to display.
  • The same preview option to become available when you have to add images to the queue.  You can also do the audio conversion and on the other hand, offer a slightly different preview option.
  • This software is very interesting that you can turn images into video formats by using this program.

Frequently asked question

What kind of file is supported?

As far as you have to support different files concerned. It is quite good and did not run into any compatibility issues during tests. It supports such formats FLAC, WMV, and the other formats while they are supported as sources.

Reasons why MPEG Streamclip is a good alternative to Adapter

  • It is open-source
  • It can export MPEG, AVI, MOV, and FLV
  • It is cross-platform (Mac OS X Windows)
  • It can handle different types of codecs
  • It has good support for batch processing
  • It can convert to and from various formats using drag & drop interface

Reasons why File Converter is a good alternative to Adapter

  • File Converter is more affordable
  • File Converter can convert many different files
  • File Converter converts the file in a matter of minutes
  • File Converter has a simple and easy to use interface
  • File Converter is compatible with all devices
  • File Converter supports formats such as: PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG

Reasons why Freemake Video Converter is a good alternative to Adapter

  • Freemake is a popular software that already has a reputation of being free and of high quality
  • Freemake Video Converter is available for free on the Freemake website, with no need to install it
  • Freemake Video Converter is easy to use on any computer or laptop
  • Freemake Video Converter supports any video format under the sun, including Blu-Ray quality

Reasons why Format Factory is a good alternative to Adapter

  • Format Factory is an alternative to Adapter
  • Format Factory is not free
  • Format Factory will save you time in the long run
  • Format Factory has a larger range of options for audio formats
  • Format Factory has a larger range of video formats
  • Format Factory is easy to use

Reasons why Wondershare UniConverter is a good alternative to Adapter

  • Why Wondershare UniConverter is worth downloading
  • Why UniConverter is a better option
  • Why UniConverter is a good alternative to Adapter
  • The pros and cons of using UniConverter
  • Features in the app that make it a good alternative to Adapter
  • Why you should use UniConverter in place of Adapter