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Angel's Vox Angel’s Vox is the first audio player on the market designed specially for audiobook enthusiasts. Created by Superutils Angel’s Vox is the first audio player on the market designed specially for audiobook enthusiasts. It saves your time, helps to learn new foreign languages, has a lot of useful unique features for listening to audio books.Here is the list of key features that make Angel’s Vox a must-have software if you are listening to audiobooks and podcasts in Windows:Supports MP3, OGG, MPEG-4 and WAV audio file formats. More Info »A skinnable and convenient user interface.Angel’s Vox can speed up playback to save your time or can slow it down if you cannot recognize the speech (may be useful when you are learning a new foreign language).Saves a volume level, playback speed, last played track and position for each audiobook in the library.Angel’s Vox has a sleep timer feature: you can shutdown, reboot or log off Windows in the specified time. Besides, this utility allows you to lower the volume level progressively at the end of a period.Calculates time played stats for each audio book in the collection.An integration into the Windows Explorer shell for quick access to program’s major functions.The configurable Skip Commercials feature.Support of multimedia keys. Now you can take advantage of having a multimedia keyboard or even a remote control!The fastest loading and running of the player, the modest main memory, CPU time and disk space consumption.Exporting/importing playlists into an intermediary format for transferring audiobooks.

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Angel’s Vox

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1 BookDroid Android Commercial Website
3 DuoBook iPhone
Freemium Website
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