7 Alternatives & Similar Apps for AppKed & Comparisons

AppKed AppKed is a Mac app sharing site. Created by kimsDev AppKed is a Mac app sharing site. Here, you may find many apps for free download when they may normally be of some amount of money.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Haxmac   Mac Free Website
2 Nmac.to Web   Free Website
3 MacDDL Web   Free Website
4 SoftArchive Web   Free Website
6 cmacapps.com Alternatives and Similar Software   Mac
Free Website
7 Freshstuff4u Web WordPress Free Website

Reasons why Haxmac is a good alternative to AppKed

  • Haxmac is cheaper
  • Haxmac is less complicated
  • Apple doesn’t have a native app sharing program
  • You can share anything with Haxmac
  • Haxmac is easy to use

Reasons why MacDDL is a good alternative to AppKed

  • MacDDL is easier to use than AppKed
  • MacDDL has more features than AppKed
  • MacDDL is cheaper than AppKed
  • MacDDL can be used on any device whereas AppKed is only compatible with iOS
  • MacDDL has a better user experience than AppKed

Reasons why SoftArchive is a good alternative to AppKed

  • SoftArchive provides a wide variety of titles
  • SoftArchive is free
  • SoftArchive works on all devices
  • SoftArchive is easy to use
  • You can compare ratings before downloading the app
  • SoftArchive has no file size limit

Reasons why cmacapps is a good alternative to AppKed

  • You can get all your favourite apps
  • You can get apps for free
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s always being updated
  • You can search by app type or category
  • You can also browse the latest releases

Reasons why Freshstuff4u is a good alternative to AppKed

  • You can share apps without giving the other person your password
  • You don’t have to worry about virus and malware
  • You can schedule when you want to share apps
  • It’s free and easy to use
  • It doesn’t require a smartphone or tablet
  • You can still download paid apps for free