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Apps Like Aston iTF & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Aston iTF The accounts receivable collection software Created by Amaury de la Lance Led by CEO Amaury de la Lance, the company was formed in 2011. Its core business is the facilitation of short-term funding and cash management optimization of both large and small firms by optimising clients and suppliers trade receivables portfolio with 3 leverage:- minimising payment delays (dunning) ;- covering non-payment risk (credit risk management) ;- funding trade receivables (factoring).The firm’s core customers are companies of all sizes, but it has particular expertise in servicing insurers, banks, asset management firms and related finance sector service providers.The online platform is simple, powerful, efficient, secure and responsive, and it has global reach. Its applications are modular, which ensures individual client requirements are precisely addressed. Costs are reduced and security enhanced by a fully automated process.Aston offers modular solutions accessible from any web browser on any pc or tablet.The web interface allows immediate, intuitive navigation without to need for specialised IT personnel. Client data is completely secure in a digital safe and is clearly organized and structured in real time.Costs are based on a simple pay-for-use system. The user pays on the basis of turnover, with costs decreasing as volume increases….

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Aston iTF

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1Apps Like Aston iTF & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 1Goldman Sachs Private Wealth ManagementiPhone
3Apps Like Aston iTF & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 2J.P. Morgan MobileAndroid
Android Tablet