10 Awesome Tradingview Alternatives

Are you looking for a free tradingview alternative? This article breaks down the best options from our list of 10 awesome tradingview alternatives. Whether you want to use a mobile device, desktop computer, or web browser, there is an online platform that will meet your needs and provide top-notch charts and analysis tools.

What Is TradeingView?

Tradeingview is a free, online charting and technical analysis platform. The site includes over 100 pre-built indicators such as Ichimoku Cloud, Bollinger Bands, and Fibonacci Retracements that traders can use to analyze the market or individual stocks. Tradeview also offers social trading features like alerts for when an account you follow makes a trade of moves more than $1000 in price within 15 minutes which will put your own trades on high alert if they are made at the same time our followed user has placed them (tradingview). It also provides mobile apps for IOS and Android so users have access to their charts from anywhere.

Here Are Top 10 TradingView Alternatives For Today

1. Binance Exchange Platform

2. Coinigy 

3. Cryptowatch 

4. BitcoinWisdom 

5. Blockfolio 

6. Cointrackingcoach (free) 

7. CryptoCompare (paid) 

8. Factom’s Blockchain Explorer API Data Feeds for Bitcoin and Ethereum Markets Information, Including Prices and Charts of the Top 10 Crypto Currencies by Market Cap, Volume, Transactions, and More! 

9 . Bitfinex Mobile App (free)

10 .CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) API Based Data Feeds.

Here Are The Features Of Each Platform In Detail-

Binance Exchange Platform

* It provides a user-friendly UI.

* The exchange also supports different languages, such as English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

* Binance offers two types of accounts: Basic Account (with withdrawal limits) and Individual account(no withdrawal limits). The withdrawal limit is per 24 hours or 30 days depending on the level of verification completed in your account.Β  You may transfer cryptocurrencies with no fees at all if you have an individual account!

Features Of Binance

– Allows for the trading of over 190 coins, with more continually being added.

– It has a built in decentralized exchange that allows users to trade their favorite cryptocurrency without having to wait on an order at times as it matches trades automatically and nearly instantaneously.

– Binance also supports multiple languages including English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese; they have plans to add many other languages soon too! They are currently working hard on adding Russian language support so if you want this update now then please vote for them here .

The features of Binance include its ability to allow traders from around the world access Bitcoin (BTC) prices via charts or graphs while supporting various popular languages like English, Korean and others which will save a lot of your time and money on the long run.

Coinigy Trading Platform

Coinigy is one of the best tradingview alternatives out there. This platform offers a wide variety of features, including personal APIs that allow for integration with other software like Slack or Discord to notifications about price changes in real-time. It also has charting capabilities and trade execution tools (including bots). Coinigy comes at an affordable rate per month and provides access from anywhere in the world as it can be used on any computer!

Cryptowatch Platform

Another tradingview alternative worth mentioning is Cryptowatch. In addition to live streaming, which allows traders to view the market on a real-time basis, this platform offers trade alerts and supports margin trading too. It also provides full technical indicators for analysis purposes and has a built in social networking site so users can share their trades with others!

Features Of Cryptowatch

Cryptowatch comes with a bunch of very useful features including trade alerts, social networking and full technical indicators. It is also free to use on the iOS app which makes it an attractive option for new traders as well!

BitcoinWisdom Trading Platform

Similar to Cryptowatch, BitcoinWisdom also offers live streaming. This service is more user-friendly for beginners and has a large library of resources that can be utilized by both newbies and experts alike!

Features Of BitcoinWisdom

BitcoinWisdom offers a variety of features to its users. Here are some:

-Real time streaming with interval selectable from one minute up to 12 hours;

-Trade alerts and chart signals, including stop loss order entry and profit taking (sell/take) orders;

-Leveraged trading on Bitcoin futures for any amount less than the total balance in your account currency which is held at Gemini cryptocurrency exchange or Poloniex derivatives exchange ;

-Customizable visual settings such as market depth display, change in bid price since last update, widget panel position etc.;

-Market snapshot – you can see all bids that matching specified conditions without scrolling through pages by using “Snapshot” button.

Blockfolio Trading Platform

Blockfolio is a mobile app which operates on the iOS, Android and web platforms. The Blockfolio system combines all of your trades in one place so that you can see them in aggregate without having to check different exchanges or wallets. You can also be notified when there is a change in price (a “signal”) for any coin via various push notifications from within the application. This makes it very easy to track your entire portfolio and react quickly if necessary.

When looking at tradingview alternatives, traders should consider two main factors: their needs as an investor/trader-in terms of what they are trying to do with their investments; and secondly, how much time they have available to spend researching new information about specific coins before investing on it.

Features Of BlockFolioio

– Blockfolio has an intuitive and easy to use interface

– Allows you to see all of your trades in one place. This means that if you’re monitoring multiple exchanges or wallets, it can be difficult to know what’s going on without checking them individually. But with the aggregated view of tradingview alternatives like Blockfolio, traders are able to track their entire portfolio at a glance and react quickly should anything change

– Alerts (signals) for any coin via push notifications from within the application create frictionless investing by instantly notifying users when they need to take action on specific coins before investing in them so that they don’t miss out on opportunities here and there.

Cointrackingcoach (Free)Β 

Cointrackingcoach is a free portfolio tracker that has features for your crypto investments. This includes real-time market data and alerts, so you never miss an opportunity to make money!

This app doesn’t have any live charts or graphs like tradingview does but it’s perfect if you’re looking for something quick and simple. You can also set up automatic coin transfers into the wallet of each cryptocurrency in order to keep track of them all at once without losing anything due to human error. The only problem with this software is that there are too many ads – which means you’ll be spending more time watching commercials than actually tracking your funds.

Features Of CoinTrackingCoach

1. Tracking of multiple cryptocurrencies

2. Free and mobile friendly

3. Real-time market data updates with alerts to notify when a buy or sell opportunity arises.

4. A built in calculator that helps you determine the value of your portfolio over time, as well as how much money is made from any given trade. CoinTrackingCoach utilizes both fiat currencies (USD) and digital currencies on their platform so it’s easy to track profits no matter what country you’re in! There are also daily trade reports for each account that detail all transactions including deposits, purchases, withdrawals, transfers between wallets, etc. This way there can be no question about where the money went or why there was an income discrepancy since everything has been accounted for in one place.

Factom’s Blockchain Explorer API Data Feeds For Crypto TradingView Alternative

Factom’s Blockchain Explorer API Data Feeds For Crypto TradingView Alternative

– displays all of the data from Factom.com on any website or application that accepts a JSON feed as an input. This includes crypto exchanges, news sites and other popular applications like Coursera, Udemy, Shopify, etc… You can also use it to monitor price changes in your favorite cryptos without having to go through multiple websites for each one individually!

– Currently supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). More coins coming soon!

– Automatically updates every 60 seconds so you never have to worry about manually refreshing the page again. Save time by keeping up with market trends using Factom.

Bitfinex Mobile App (Free)

– allows you to trade on the go from your phone.

– Fully functional, but without charting and news features for now.

Features Of Bitfinex

1. Currently supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). More coins coming soon!

2. Automatically updates every 60 seconds so you never have to worry about manually refreshing the page again. Save time by keeping up with market trends using Factom.

3. The Bitfinex mobile app is free and allows traders to trade on the go from their phone. It’s fully functional, but without charting or news features for now.”

4. Bitfinex also offers many other great features such as real-time charts, margin trading, lending markets, OCO orders that are more than just simple buy/sell pairs in one transaction – they allow two trades at once where both must be executed simultaneously for it to succeed.

CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) For Cryptocurrencies

– reflects the average price of Bitcoin across major exchanges.

Features Of CoinDesk’s BPI:

– Shows information about the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in USD, GBP, and EUR.

– Includes a graph that illustrates how this data compares to 60 days ago by comparing it against other major currencies like the euro or British pound.

– Provides current prices with charts from Coinbase Pro priced at BTC/USD trading pair on top followed by Bitcoin’s historic average over time for reference. On the bottom is CoinDesk’s bitcoin price index which displays an uptrend or downtrend as well as total percent change since last month.

– Allows you to copy any of these charting tools into a blog post using the WordPress formatting button under ‘Text’. This can be done through blogs such as Medium.