6 Best Ad Networks To Promote Your Course – Whichadworks Alternative:

In this article, we’ll be discussing which ad networks are best for promoting your course. We’ve compiled a list of 6 different networks that will help you find success in marketing your product.

The Following Is The List Of Networks:

1) Facebook Ads

2) Google AdWords

3) LinkedIn Ads

4) Twitter Ads

5) Pinterest Promoted Pins

6) YouTube TrueView ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are still the powerhouse social network. With over 170 million people on Facebook in North America alone, your potential reach is nearly limitless with this ad platform. You can target ads to a specific audience by gender and age range or even location if you’re looking for more locally targeted traffic.

Some other features that will be useful when running an ad campaign include being able to upload images of the course content which provides viewers with an idea of what they’ll get before clicking through, as well as targeting customers who have already bought from previous courses. One thing to note about advertising on Facebook is that it’s going up in cost every year so keep an eye out for any possible discounts!

Features Of Facebook Ads 

1. Facebook Ads are a great way to reach your target audience

2. You can create ads that will only be shown to people who fit the criteria you specify, such as age and location

3. You can set up conversion tracking so you know how many people clicked on your ad and then made a purchase or completed an action on your website 

4. Facebook Ads is not just for businesses – it’s also for nonprofits, charities, and political campaigns! 

5. With Facebook Ads, you don’t have to pay unless someone clicks on your ad or completes the desired action

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the largest advertising platform in existence. Google handles 65% of all online searches, which means that your potential customers are probably searching for answers to their problems on Google at this very moment. That’s why you should be using it as a tool to promote your course! Here’s how:

-Create an account and then create or upload an ad campaign with keywords related to your courses.

-Choose whether you want people who search on specific websites (like “charity-giveaways”) or only those who have visited certain pages within the past 30 days (this helps filter out irrelevant clicks), set up conversion tracking so you know how many people clicked on your ads and completed desired actions.

Features Of Google AdWords

1. Google AdWords is a free service that helps you reach potential customers online 

2. You can create ads to show on the search engine results pages and other websites, like Facebook or YouTube 

3. Ads are shown based on what people are searching for and the relevance of your ad to those searches 

4. The more relevant your ad is, the higher it will rank in search results 

5. With Google AdWords, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad (or takes another action) so there’s no risk involved with running an ad campaign.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn’s ad platform is a robust way to reach professionals and influencers who work in your industry. If you’re looking for quality connections, LinkedIn advertising can help generate leads by targeting people with relevant profiles or job titles.

LinkedIn ads are more expensive than other options on this list (typically ranging from $0,60-11$ per click) which makes them best suited for BtoB marketers rather than those aiming at consumers. This could be an issue if you don’t have the budget required to run a significant campaign that will grow your network quickly enough to return investment costs.

For example, The cost of each impression varies based on what type of account you’re using but Marketing Solutions Achievers typically ranges between $

Features Of LinkedIn Ads 

1. LinkedIn Ads are a way to reach your target audience

2. You can choose from different targeting options, such as location, job title, industry and more

3. There is no limit on how much you spend on an ad campaign

4. LinkedIn ads offer the ability to track conversions and measure results of your campaigns

5. With LinkedIn Ads, you have access to detailed reports that show your progress over time 

6. You can use these reports to make adjustments in order to improve performance for future campaigns.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are another great way to promote your course for free. Creating an account is easy, and you can get started with a Twitter campaign in seconds. You’ll be able to choose which audience on Twitter sees the ads you create by selecting from different targeting methods, including keywords used in tweets, interests or even specific geographic locations (among others). There are no limits as far as how much spending there is per ad campaign either–in other words, spend up until your budget runs out! When it comes to reporting data on these campaigns though, unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t offer anything more than statistics about impressions and clicks.

Features Of Twitter Ads 

1. Twitter Ads are a great way to get your message out there and reach new customers

2. You can target specific demographics, locations, or interests with your ads to make sure you’re reaching the right people

3. The best part about Twitter Ads is that they’re super affordable – you can start with as little as $5 per day!

4. With Promoted Tweets, you’ll be able to share your content on a larger scale than ever before  – it’s like an ad for your tweets!

5. If you want more control over what happens in your account, then consider using Promoted Accounts instead of Promoted Tweets.

Pinterest Promoted Pins

Pinterest is a goldmine for anyone looking to market their business. It’s one of the most popular social media networks out there, and it has an enormous user base that could be perfect for your marketing needs!  Promoted Pins are like paid ads on Pinterest – they appear at the top or in between other pins when people search or browse through different boards. Browse through these resources below to learn more about Promoted Pins.

Features Of Pinterest Promoted Pins 

1. Pinterest Promoted Pins are a great way to get your content in front of new audiences on the platform and drive traffic back to your site. 

2. They’re also an affordable option for businesses with limited budgets because they don’t require you to pay for ads or spend money on marketing campaigns. 

3. You can promote pins from any board you have set up, but we recommend using boards that align with your target audience’s interests so that you’ll be able to reach them more effectively and generate more engagement with their posts as well. 

4. To create a pin promotion, go into the “Promote” section of the app and select “Pin.” From there, choose which board you want to promote from and enter how much time (in days) you want it promoted for before it expires – then hit save! Your post will now appear at the top of search results when people look for related content in that category or tag on Pinterest!

5. If this is something that sounds like it might work well for your business needs, head over here [link] where we’ve created a handy guide outlining everything else you need to know about Promoted Pins!

YouTube TrueView Ads

Promoted videos are a great way to get your content in front of users who might not otherwise find it. The TrueView ads platform offers two types of video options for businesses – the first is called “In-Stream” which plays before, during or after other YouTube videos; and the second option is “TrueView Video Ads,” which appear alongside search results on both desktop and mobile devices!

Features Of YouTube TrueView Ads

1. TrueView ads are skippable

2. TrueView ads can be targeted to specific audiences

3. You only pay for a viewer’s attention if they watch the entire ad

4. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world 

5. The average cost per view on YouTube is $7, while Facebook and Instagram charge around $10-$12 per view 

6. Viewers are more likely to remember your brand after watching an ad on YouTube because of its video-based format.