The Best 15 Gadget Sites of 2020 For The Tech Lovers!

With the advancement in technology, we made our lives better using gadgets. We have all kinds of electronic and cool gadgets that help us to perform daily tasks efficiently.

New gadgets keep coming in the market which we were not aware of. The gadget websites help us to stay updated with new technologies and cool gadgets arriving in the market, almost daily. These gadget sites showcase new and trending gadgets that can make our work a lot easier.

What Is Gadget Sites?

Gadgets are very essential for everyday purposes for us. It is important to know what new gadgets arrive in the market. These gadget sites help in knowing the new gadgets arrived in the market. For instance, different types of mobile phones arrive frequently with the new and upgraded operating system and special camera and other technologies. Hence we wish to know the latest arrival of the smartphone and other gadgets through these sites and we instantly know these (which might really be beneficial for the gadget lovers).

Also, these sites help in providing the first review of the smartphone and other electronic gadgets right after the official launch. The specifications along with pros and cons are provided in a detailed manner to the users. This helps the users to know A-Z about a gadget.

Why people need gadget sites?

The gadget sites help people to know about the latest technologies in the market and their release date. They also help in providing detailed specifications that help them to purchase after comparing. Following are the important reasons that people need to follow gadget sites.

  • To know new gadgets in the market: It is impossible to read the newspapers and learn about the gadgets every day. Instead, you can easily check at these websites and have a detailed view of the gadgets availability and their specifications. 
  • Reviews: You can also find the reviews, their advantages, and disadvantages on the website. It also helps the customers to think twice and know how it works before they make a purchase. The reviews made by tech analysts and customers make it a great thing for the new customers to make a purchase. 
  • Availability: Some gadgets are available and promoted only in certain regions. This can be known by following gadget sites. The popular gadget sites will keep you updated on the release of gadgets in your area or provide the release date. 
  • Purchase links: The gadget sites also help in providing the purchase links on their website. With a single click, you can go to the purchasing sites and place your order before they go out of stock. 
  • Comparison of similar products by various brands: The gadget sites help us have a perspective about a product compared with various brands. For example, if you are buying a camera, the specifications offered by two different brands are provided. This will make you think wisely and decide to purchase the best ones.

Top 15 Popular Gadget Sites You Need To Know

cNet founded by CBS Interactive has around 70,000,000 monthly visitors entering the website. It holds the Compete Rank of 53 and Quantcast Rank of 92. The Alexa Rank of this site is 106. 

It is a technology news related website founded in January 2014 by David Pogue. Around 25,000,000 estimated monthly visitors click this website for gadget news. It scored 225th in Compete Rank and 250th in Quantcast rank. 

It is a technology, science, and sci-fi website which are popular among techies. Gizmodo gadget website is founded in 2002 by Gawker Media. It has estimated monthly visitors of 18,250,000. It scored 769th in Compete Rank, 118th in Quantcast Rank, and 412th in Alexa Rank. 

This popular technology journalism website is founded in 2011 by Vox Media. The estimated monthly visitors to 18,000,000 visit this website every month. The Verge has been ranked in the positions of 542nd in Compete Rank, 160th in Quantcast Rank, and 758th in Alexa Rank. 

It is an online publication website based on new gadgets and technology. Around 17,500,000 visitors log in to this website every month. The Compete Rank of the website is 875, Quantcast rank is 363, and Alexa Rank is 698. 

Wired are a monthly magazine and online publication website founded in 1993 by the company Conde Nast. This website has around 13,000,000 visitors turning up every month. It has scored 579th Compete Rank, 1173rd Quantcast Rank, and 618th Alexa Rank. 

It is one of the popular Multilanguage blogs about gadgets and technology. The AOL is the founder of this blog and it is available in popular languages. The website is visited by 12,500,000 visitors every month. It scored 1490th Compete Rank and 1537th Quantcast Rank. The Alexa Rank is 437. 

It is a technology, lifestyle, and information website founded in 2006 by Ian Bell. Around 7,500,000 visitors are estimated to visit this site every month. The rankings scored by the website are 1601st in Compete Rank and 1576th in Alexa Rank.

It is a business news technology website founded in 1991 by CBS Interactive. The website is visited by 7,200,000 visitors every month. It has scored 2223rd in Compete Rank and 1275th in Quantcast rank. The Alexa Rank cored by ZD Net is 1532.

It is a popular technology and gadget website used by multiple professionals around the globe. Tech Republic was founded by CBS Interactive in 1997. The estimated monthly visitors visiting this site are around 4,500,000. The Compete Rank scored is 2556 and Quantcast rank scored is 3733. The Alexa rank of Tech Republic is 1839.

Also known as New Atlas is a technology website that has around 4,200,000 visitors’ visiting this website. The Compete Rank scored by this website is 4055 and Quantcast rank is 1001. The GizMag website has scored Alexa Rank of 3434. 

This popular technology site is created by Anand Lal Shimpi that has an estimated 3,200,000 monthly visitors. The Compete Rank scored by this website is 4495. The Quantcast rank and Alexa Rank of this website are 1883 and 3115 respectively. 

The popular tech and gadget website have an estimated 3,000,000 visitors visiting this site every month. The Compete Rank scored is 4410 and Quantcast Rank is 446. The Alexa Rank scored by the website is 4699.

GSM Arena is a technology website that helps millions of users. It is estimated that around 2,500,000 monthly visitors are getting help from this site. The Compete Rank of this site is 7409. Alexa Rank is 334, and Quantcast rank is 3943.

You can get the latest news and updates about technology from this website. Around 2,000,000 monthly visitors visit this website and it has scored 6944th Compete Rank, 2843rd Quantcast rank, and 6602nd Alexa Rank.

These are the top 15 most popular gadget websites you can try for tech-related information.