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Top 10 Best HTML5 Websites of This World

The word HTML stands for HypertextMarkup Language which is used to display plain text file in a form of websitewith text, image, scripts, or any other website elements, it is the languagewhich allows web creation, anyone can view such sites that while connected tointernet and define the structure of the content. A webpage is accessed byentering a URL address.

What isHtml5?

It is the latest version of HTMLwhich developed in 2008 that describes the webpage with new elements, and a largeset of technologies which helps in developing more powerful content andwebsites. It improves the way of working on the web. All new HTML5 ApplicationProgramming interfaces are HTML Geolocation, HTML Web workers, Html LocalStorage, HTML SSE.

How Do HTML5websites works and why it is needed by the people?

This version of HTML has the code ofthree types which take care of presentation. HTML5 has many benefits these areas follows: –

  • Good page ranking: – in case the foundation of the page is not accurate then the page does not attain a good ranking in search doesnโ€™t matter how good your content is it will not make any difference, it is mainly beneficial for SEOs and content writer.
  • Offline browsing available: – without any internet connection, you will be able to access the web through offline application cache. This is the advantage for business because the publisher can provide offline content to the reader, as this can be accessed quickly and locally.
  • Uniformity across multiple browsers: – in this version of HTML designers can create site or system in all browsers, previously all browsers do not support all web page and applications, then this is the tremendous achievement for people from different fields.
  • Mobile access to Business intelligence: – with this version of HTML people got the mobility to work as in future development it leads to more better business intelligence as all devices that are compatible with this and have equal ability to use data of browser-based analytics tools.
  • Better experience for the user: – according to the business point of view the engagement of user to increase sites visibility by creating an accessible site or system more users will be engaged. HTML5 is giving the user to produce better web sites.

Top 10 best HTML5 websites: –

01: The wilderness Downtown: – It is the video of the Arcade fire song. The entire visitors have to input the address of their home where they grew up in and then HTML5 create a music video that takes the user on a journey to home.

Shop BReel, director Chris Milk and Google creative Lab Technology Lead Aaron Koblin teamed up to make this digital experience and offer an emotional interpretation of track โ€œWe Used To Waitโ€.

Findings of these websitesare

  • SimilarWeb Traffic 798,308
  • Alexa Rank 644,693
  • Compete rank 639
  • Similar web rank 546
  • Quantcast rank number 0.686
  • Here is the link of the website you can go through it:

02: Heart of The Artic: – it takes the user to a different experience on an artic expedition hunt thorough four distinct environments to the steps that would need to restore the climate balance to the arctic region. This is the example of a website that shows how HTML5 can be used as fun and entertainment.

Findings of this website

  • SimilarWeb traffic 72.79%
  • Alexa Rank number 868,848
  • Compete rank 1.8%
  • Similar web rank 54,68,777
  • Quantcast rank number 0.769
  • Here is the link of this site

03: Three Dreams of Black:It is promoting Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppiโ€™s album Rome. Here full 3D world created using WebGL where the objects of the video work on both music and inputs, this not only creates the mood to listen to the music but also create the scene to experience the music

Findings of the website

  • SimilarWeb traffic 600,000
  • Alexa Rank number 8,68,848
  • Compete rank 4,356
  • Similar web rank 1,773,524
  • Quantcast rank number 0.631
  • Link to this website

04: Enjoy Your Privacy: – it was created to warn the consumers about not using the password in your mobile devices. All the scene of this website was created by HTML5 that will scare you and after watching that you will definitely avoid using a password in your mobile.

Findings of the website

  • SimilarWeb traffic 34.76%
  • Alexa Rank number 74,88,545
  • Compete rank 2,579,568
  • Similar web rank 654
  • Quantcast rank number 0.716
  • ย Link to go through the website

05: Google Play Music Tour: – here HTML5 used to showcase many features of Google play music server, this is the perfect example of how music, video, and graphics brought together to create an exciting mood and drive consumer usage.

Findings of it

  • SimilarWeb traffic 86.8%
  • Alexa Rank number 1
  • Compete rank 21,54,173
  • Similar web rank 8
  • Quantcast rank number 0.569
  • Link to the website is

06: Soul Reaper:it a digital comic book developed by Saizen Media with the use of HTML5 to bring the new presentation and graphic stories, the content used in the website are in such a way that seems to come alive. this is the reason which for which differ from old HTML uses.

Findings of Soul Reaper

  • SimilarWeb traffic 63%
  • Alexa Rank number 8,221,008
  • Compete rank 27
  • Similar web rank 33
  • Quantcast rank number 0.622
  • Link to the website is

07: The Expressive Web: – it was created by adobe which indicates the functionality and creative potential shows in the website through HTML5, this is the best user guide and bookmarked by all HTML5 developers.

Findings of it

  • SimilarWeb traffic 23%
  • Alexa Rank number 74,14,270
  • Compete rank 113
  • Similar web rank 540,2623
  • Quantcast rank number 0.637
  • Link of the website is

08: Art of Stars: – it is the superb creation where your IP address is used to draw a picture of stars constellation, the different and interesting thing in this project is it uses HTML5 to develop any application on the web.

Findings of the Art ofStart

  • SimilarWeb 11%
  • Alexa Rank number 91,50,637
  • Compete rank 36
  • Similar web rank 8,976,674
  • Quantcast rank number 0.694
  • Link of the website is

09: This Shell: – it was created by Legwork Studios that promotes the new album ofย  Gamit and the name of the album is Parts, in this website a puzzle given with music and have a condition that if puzzle solved before the end of music you will be accessed to download the music.

Findings of this websiteare

  • SimilarWeb traffic 93.38%
  • Alexa Rank number 94,18,045
  • Compete rank 50
  • Similar web rank 9,746,523
  • Quantcast rank number 0.759
  • Website link

10: Lost Worldโ€™s Fair: – it was developed to showcase the HTML5 capabilities by creating interesting posters which drive the user to a journey by the use of mouse scroll, each poster have some hidden mystery in it.

Findings of it

  • SimilarWeb traffic 12,787,050
  • Alexa Rank number 16,349,791
  • Compete rank 64
  • Similar web rank 72.7%
  • Quantcast rank number 0.655
  • Link to go through the website

Do you think, there are even better HTML5 sites out there those I missed to include in this top 10 list?

Let us know by commenting below.

I will surely update this post if I found some good websites ahead. ๐Ÿ™‚