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Top 15 Most Popular Kids Sites For Child & Parents

When itcomes to the most popular kid’s site on the internet, then there are a ton ofthem which you can find. For example, each site has its kind of entertainment,and surely your kid will love it when they start using them. These sites arefilled with features and fantastic content which are appropriate for your kids.

What are kid’s sites?

Kid’s sitesare meant for your kids to have some essential fun. Inevitably schooling getsthem tired every day, and they have to come home and get back to studies.  But with the help of these kid’s sites, theycan have some excellent time out and fun that they wish to want. There are somany added features that they can get from here as well. For example, they canlog in and play games, watch their favorite cartoon as long as they want,etc. 

How do these kid’s sites work and what are their benefits?

Kid’s sitesare meant for your kids to log in and then watch their favorite shows andcartoons. There are even mind and brain games that they can play here. Thesesites are filled with awesome sources of having the right thing and managementfor your kid.

Here aresome of the benefits that these sites have.

  1. Theyhave unlimited use of access for your kid.
  2. Youcan use them anytime you wish out for.
  3. Youcan even play some games if you want.
  4. Thereis a range of features to avail here.

With thehelp of these kid’s sites, your kid can rejoice and leave out the stress fromtheir schooling life.

Top 15 popular kid’s sites you need to know

Here aresome of the top and the popular top 15 kid’s websites which are there on theinternet.

01- Nick

  • Estimated user count- 7, 000,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 781
  • Alexa rank- 3161

Oneof the best site for your kid to have some fun, there are some excellent showsand movies that they can watch here as well. Nickelodeon has been a proper TVchannel for the kids for a very long time now.

02- Cool math Games

  • Estimated user count- 6, 000,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 2254
  • Alexa rank- 2997

Meantfor kids to improve their reasoning and their logics regarding their maths,this site has a fantastic feature to everything that you use.

03- PBS kids

  • Estimated user count- 5, 500,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 2688
  • Alexa rank- 2493

Thebest site where you can watch videos and even play games as you wish. This siteis meant for your kid to have the necessary relief from work. 

04- Nick Jr

  • Estimated user count- 5, 00,000.
  • Quantcast rank- NA
  • Alexa rank- NA

Aunique site for your little kids, this site is the version of the Nickledon butfor those who age around the range of 2-10.

05- Girls Go Games

  • Estimated user count- 5,400,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 3000
  • Alexa rank- 3142

Doesyour kid like to game a lot? Well if she does then this site is the one foryou. This site has particular games which can light up her day. 

06- Cartoon Network

  • Estimated user count- 4,750,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 3218
  • Alexa rank- 3617

Thebest kind of site where you can find all your favorite TV Shows. This site evenhas the ever-famous cartoon of Tom and Jerry.

07- Star Doll

  • Estimated user count- 4,500,000.
  • Quantcast rank- NA
  • Alexa rank- 3010

Asite meant for your girl where she can find her favorite dolls and then glamthem up. This site has other excellent features to use as well.

08- Club Penguin

  • Estimated user count- 4,300,000.
  • Quantcast rank- NA
  • Alexa rank- 34185

Oneof the most popular sites for your kid to have some awesome timeout and fun.This site even has a range of games which you can play around.

09- Primary Games

  • Estimated user count- 1,500,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 935
  • Alexa rank- 19412

Comingto the ninth grade, this site has a ton of games which can be easily playedaround by your kid anytime they want.

10- Neo pets

  • Estimated user count- 1,250,000.
  • Quantcast rank- NA
  • Alexa rank- NA

Agood site where your kid can now view up their favorite pets and then play withthem. It has a lot of other added options as well.

11- Animal Jam

  • Estimated user count- 1,200,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 14160
  • Alexa rank- 10751

Ifyour kid loves to game and draw around, then this site is the one for them. Itlets your kid paint their creation and imagination in a blank canvas and coverthem with colors. 

12- Pop Tropica

  • Estimated user count- 1,100,000.
  • Quantcast rank- NA
  • Alexa rank- NA

Anexcellent site where your kid can learn about the new topics of the generalknowledge which are happening around the whole world.

13- Moshi Monsters

  • Estimated user count- 1,000,000.
  • Quantcast rank- NA
  • Alexa rank- 21714

Oneof the most popular sites for your kids, this one has so much in range forthem. Starting from the games to the other features, your kids will rejoice andenjoy their time here.

14- Fun brain

  • Estimated user count- 900,000.
  • Quantcast rank- NA
  • Alexa rank- 23456

Afun site where your kid can mostly involve themselves in the mental and braingames. There are other games they can play as well over here.

15- Webkinz

  • Traffic per month- 800,000.
  • Quantcast rank- 6790
  • Alexa rank- 30562

A fun sitewhere your kid can play games and watch TV shows as well. This site lets themenjoy to the core and as much as they want to.

All thesepopular kid’s sites are fantastic for your kid to have a necessary and funtimeout. If they are always stressed from studies and tuitions then introducethem to these sites so that they can relax their brain. Plus the researchershave also said that the more time your kids spends on gaming, the better willbe their power to remember the other tasks that they have in life.