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The Best 15 Movie Sites To Get Reviews Scripts & Streams

One of themost entertaining forms of media is watching movies. Over the years, themethods of movie streaming have subsequently changed. From engaging in thetheatres in traditional times to viewing it in your 6-inch Smartphone screenmarks the gap in the generation. However, with the level of competition on adaily basis, there are certain movie sites that have made it to the top of thelist. Although, there are applications present in the market as well, let uslook at the prospects of the top movie websites that are available.

What do you mean by top movie sites?

The level ofwatching movies has consecutively changed over the years. With the use of a setof features known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization, some of the websitescome to the top of the results. Therefore, you can certainly look at some ofthese sites and choose to watch any movies that you like. The collection of themovies available is amazing and this heightens the level of entertainment aswell.

How do top movie sites work and howare they helpful to the users?

Individualsare constantly in search of entertainment and watching movies is the ultimatemeans to enjoy your weekend. The top websites that you scroll through thesearch engine deliberately help in attracting more traffic and that is whyusers can get in touch with any movies that they want. In other words, thesesites have helped the individuals in coming in contact with more movies at onesignificant point of time.

All of thetop movie sites have specific genres and users can filter their own search inorder to watch the movie they like. Before getting into the details of thefeatures of the sites that are available, let us look at the top 15 movie sitesthat are worth to be used.

Listing of the top 15 movie sites available on the internet:

It is a newaffair of watching movies with the help of websites. In order to answer thequestion of what are the top 15 moviesites, let us look at the list down below:

One of the most top-ratedsites that are available for watching movies is IMDB. On average, this sitegets about 1 billion visitors and has an Alexa rank of 47. Its complete rankand Quantcast ranks are 53 and 57 respectively.

Yahoo movies have theirown unique collection for all its users. If you visit this site, its Alexa rankis somewhere between 50-100. The estimated visitor’s count can be 90 million ona daily basis. Its complete rank is 60 and Quantcast rank is 180.

Fandango gets an averageof 18 million visitors. The Alexa rank for this site is 173. The complete rankand Quantcast rank is 173 and 158.

Fourth on the list of thetop movie sites is Rotten Tomatoes. The Alexa rank is 634 and the complete rankis 741. More than 17 million followers reach out to this site on a daily basisand its Quantcast rank is 186.

Moviefone has an averageestimate of 9 million visitors and its Alexa rank is 3098. The Quantcast rankand complete rank s 528 and 413.

The features of moviepilot are attractive to all its users. With an estimate of 4 million visitorsdaily, its Alexa rank, complete rank, and Quantcast ranks are 2813, 1054 and218 respectively.

Cinema Blend constitutesthe availability of both new and old movies. The Alexa rank of this site is4376. The complete rank and Quantcast rank is 2274 and 680. It receives about3.5 million visitors daily.

Box Office Mojo iscalculated to have an Alexa rank of 2514. More than 3 million visitors watchmovies from this site. Its complete rank and Quantcast rank is 4016 and 4441.

Coming soon website getsan average of 2.7 million visitors and has a complete rank of 4963. The Alexarank is 4936 and Quantcast rank is 4699.

Movies website is dedicatedto providing the best collection of films to the users. Its Alexa rank is13336, complete rank is 2497 and Quantcast rank is 1194. It receives anestimate of 2.5 million visitors.

Movie Web is also one ofthe best platforms to watch all sorts of movies. Its Alexa rank is 7561,complete rank is 3931 and Quantcast rank is 5773. It has an estimate visitorrange of 2 million.

Flixster too gets anestimate of 2 million visitors daily. It has an Alexa rank of 13242, thecomplete rank of 4200 and Quantcast rank of 1600.

Movie Tickets has anAlexa ranking of 12112. The complete rank and Quantcast rank is 1659 and 1413.This site gets about 1.2 million visitors daily.

The website of Slash Filmis pretty reliable. The Alexa rank for the site is 6763. The complete rank andQuantcast rank is 7955 and 8925. The average range of visitors is 1.2 million.

The Hollywood movie website receives 1 million visitors. Its Alexarank is 13994. The Quantcast rank is between 1400-1600 and complete rank is7211.

The final acceptance of the top moviesites that are available:

Each of the above set of movie sites listed has its own set of unique features that distinguishes them apart. The sites enlisted here in this article, have some special features like break free movies, HD quality, and even some sites offer free offline downloads. It is because of the clarity and the efficiency of the websites that they are placed in the topmost category. Therefore, the next time you sit down to watch a movie; make sure that you click on any one of the sites listed above.