The Top 15 Travel Sites of This World You Should Visit

Travel sites have become a boon in todayโ€™s time where travel destinations have upgraded themselves to such an extent that people find it quite perplexing to find the most convenient place to travel. Though there are many travel websites to guide you around not all of them can be trusted with information and money factors. You need to learn about some genuine websites that you can trust blindly while fining your dream journey.ย 

What is a travel site?

As the name itself says, a travel site is a website that guides people on how, where and at what cost to travel to exciting places. Some people might not be aware much about the travel sites but still have a desire in the heart to visit the same, so they can take the help of these sites and travel amazing places. These sites not only help you search places but also let you know the estimated price of the place.

How do travel sites work & help people?

There is a database management system installed with the travel sites that store the user information and process it further. The total amount is charged from you while making the bookings and later on as per the company policies and rules you are returned back some amount as cashback or so if required.

How do travel sites help people?

  • Planning- These sites can help you solve your traveling dilemma based on certain criteria.ย 
  • Quotes- You might want to fit the entire journey in your budget, so the best thing that you can do it go to these sites an get an estimate of your travel and tour.ย 
  • Exploration- In the process of finding quotes for your desired location tour, you might stumble upon some other exciting places and add them to your travel list.ย 
  • Package- Get your complete package here including the cost of eating and accommodation too all fitting beautifully in your budget.ย 

What are the top 15 travel sites?

  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 40,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 111
  • Alexa Rank – 125
  • Facts-With around 148,470 destinations in many countries and territories worldwide.
  • Increments– In the year 2012 found a partnership with a Chinese firm named the Ctrip, which increased to a large extent by the year 2018.ย 
  • continues to be one the best travel booking site till date and help users find their most convenient travel place that can fit in the budget.

Trip advisor

  • Viewers– It has over 315 million reviewers on its website owing to the interesting feature it provides.
  • Quantcast Ranking – 126
  • Alexa Rank – 209
  • Subsidiaries – Around 43-44% of the revenue of trip advisor is earned by its two most famous subsidiaries i.e. Expedia and Booking holidays. 
  • Awards – Trip advisor was also presented with Americaโ€™s best midsize employer by Forbes award.

Yahoo travels

  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 36,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 176
  • A fact- Yahoo travel is a travel booking site that offers services more than just a mere booking.ย 
  • Services- It includes extra services like travel guides, daily articles and much more.
  • Subsidiary- Yahoo travels is subsidiary of the yahoo company itself which has been operating successfully ever since its release.


  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 25,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 222
  • Alexa Rank – 515
  • Subsidiaries- Expedia falls under the sub-branch of the two most famous travel companies and Trip advisor. 
  • Features- Expedia also provides users with exquisite features of travel booking and accommodation facilities too.


  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 20,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 429
  • Alexa Rank – 670
  • Growth- Itโ€™s been over 22 years that the company is flourishing smoothly by helping users find the discount rates for the travel fares.ย 
  • Visitors- More than twenty million estimated visitors are expected to visit the website per month making it one of the most popular websites.
  • Features- On browsing the website you can learn more about the hotels, flights, and cruises discount rates.

  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 16,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 771
  • Alexa Rank – 603
  • Fact- This Company has over 85 and more booking sites, 34 languages and 3.25 lakh hotels. 
  • Domain- As usual the company went ahead with the crucial procedure i.e. buying of the domain name for around $11M USD. 
  • Features- It is widely used over worldwide for hotel reservations and booking for holidays and much more. Expedia is one of the subsidiaries of this company.


  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 14,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 435
  • Alexa Rank โ€“ 1,404
  • Features- Like every other travel site this site also provides you with booking facilities and many more flights, hotels, cars, cruises like services.ย 
  • Offers- Not only this, but it also allowed the users to avail offers on booking above a particular price limit or following certain criteria.ย 

Kayak travels

  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 13,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 1,332
  • Alexa Rank – 687
  • Features- You can book for not only flights but also for cruises and hotels. You also have car rental facilities and navigation of flight routes.ย 
  • Quotes- The prices are quite reasonable as you get bonus i.e. discounts on a higher booking so that your overall cost is much lesser.


  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 11,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 851
  • Alexa Rank – 1452
  • Genre- The Company falls under the type of travel services industries and has the parent company as the Expedia group.
  • Low rates- You can search for the cheap flight rates and its date, you can avail of other services at a lower rate.ย 
  • Facilities- Facilities like cars, cruises, deals and much more are easily available on the website.ย 


  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 8,500,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 824
  • Alexa Rank โ€“ 2,153
  • Subsidiary- Again this is a subsidiary of the parent company Expedia groups of companies. It was founded in the year 2000 by three people, with the CEO being Barbara Bates.
  • Employees- There are around 300 and more employees as per the records back then. With the consistent performance of the company, it has gained popularity in terms of its quality service and customer satisfaction. 


  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 8,250,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 871
  • Alexa Rank โ€“ 1,926
  • Subsidiary- HomeAway is a subsidiary of the Expedia group of companies founded in the year 2015 by Brian Sharples and Shepherd.ย 
  • Revenue- The revenue of the site as in the year 2014 was recorded to be $446.8 million with its primary service being vacation rentals.


  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 7,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 371
  • Alexa Rank – 3255
  • Hike- Travelzoo experienced a hike of around 75%of its members in the year 2003.ย 
  • Deals- On the company website you can find exciting deals related to hotels, rooms, flights, cruises and much more.ย 


  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 6,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 3,652
  • Alexa Rank โ€“ 1,057
  • Type- Airbnb is a privately held company found in the year 2008 and serves worldwide with its services. 
  • Employees- It has over 12000 and more employees till date. There more than seven subsidiaries of this company.
  • Services- The services offered by Airbnb are holiday bookings and unique places to stay in. 


  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 4,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 1,749
  • Alexa Rank โ€“ 1,702
  • Staffs- Back then the company started with only 400 staff which gradually have increased to a large number.ย 
  • Facilities- You can avail of facilities like the best travel destinations for you and your partner.ย 


  • Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors โ€“ 3,000,000
  • Quantcast Rank โ€“ 2,319
  • Alexa Rank โ€“ 4,147
  • Specialties- Viator is the worldโ€™s leading company for tours and is owned by Trip advisor as its parent company.
  • Offers– You can avail discounts on tickets that you book for places that you want to travel.

So far you must be well versed with these sites and at what case to avail these. So go ahead and gift yourself amazing traveling and an exquisite holiday package.ย