Best 15 Video Sites To Watch & Publish Your Media

Listing the top 15 Video sites and what its users need to know

One of the biggest reasons for a website to go viral is its simple way to post the content. The more you engage your audience in a better manner, the better it is for the website producers and developers. On one hand, the take of video websites is something different. Just like movies going viral overnight, video websites cannot be unmatched due to its huge responsive fan base. Each of the video sites is operated by users and their posting videos online makes it all popular based on the content has been uploaded. 

What are video sites?

The need to post videos online is considered to be the newest form of content that various individuals are busy experimenting. Therefore, video sites are referred to those sites whose videos attract a large number of visitors simply because of its unique content. In order to access these sites, its makers have to be pretty careful about its undertakings. Since these sites are prone to crash at any significant point of time because of so much traffic, its developers use the latest tools to keep all system failures at bay.

How do viral video sites work and what is the need for users to use it?

If you are interested in viewing any of the top video sites, then there are significant content portions that are displayed, which can be seen in the website window. Since there is much information available, users find it more useful. The plus point here is that the videos uploaded can be shared easily both online as well as offline. Users can save the video offline and watch it as per his or her convenience.

Users can simply log in to these video websites to get a glimpse of the awesome content they have posted. Since the videos are free to be shared, most of the websites here have certain premium packs that can be bought in order to watch unlimited videos at any point of the day. Plus, its developers have made the websites quite transparent and users do not find it difficult at all to operate. The clarity and reliability that these sites offer also makes the approach towards these websites quite fascinating.

Listing the top 15 viral Video sites that you must be aware of:

Since there are too many viral video websites on the internet, users help in assessing the traffic points of these websites. Although you might be viewing so many viral video websites today, let us look at the top 15 video sites and what exactly it can offer to us:

The most popular video website is YouTube. Its Alexa rank is 3, complete rank is 4 and Quantcast rank is 2. On a daily basis, the website attracts 10 billion visitors daily.

The second on the list is Netflix, which attracts 150 million visitors daily. Its Alexa rank is 95, complete rank is 24 and Quantcast rank is 166.

Vimeo is likely known for its flexible video content and therefore, this website attracts 130million users daily. The Alexa rank is 98, complete rank is 148 and Quantcast rank is 44.

Yahoo screen too engages a lot of audiences online and thus, its estimated visitor count on a daily basis is 125 million. The Alexa rank of this website is not certain but is somewhere between 150 to 200. Its complete rank and Quantcast rank are 24 and 166 respectively.

Daily Motion happens to attract a whopping 100million visitor daily. Its Alexa ranking is 94, its complete rank is 156 and its Quantcast rank can be between 200-220.

Hulu streaming is very popular all over the globe and therefore, the website attracts 75 million visitors daily. The Alexa rank for this site is 306, followed by the complete rank and Quantcast rank at 136 and 179.

The video content of Vube is spectacular and that is why it attracts 55 million visitors daily. The Alexa rank number along with the complete rank and Quantcast rank number are 65, 117 and 860.

As cool as the name sounds, Twitch gets an estimated range of 50 million visitors daily. The Alexa rank has remained the same at 642. Its complete rank and Quantcast rank are 710 and 295.

Liveleak is one of the best video sites meant for live video streaming. It attracts 45 million visitors daily and its Alexa ranking is 642. Its complete and Quantcast rank is 537 and 235 respectively.

Vine video website too gets around 42 million visitors daily. The Alexa rank can be stated to be 1172, along with its complete rank and Quantcast rank at 237 and 335.

Next on the list is UStream and this too gets an estimated 25 million visitors. The complete rank is 1109 and its Quantcast rank is 85. The Alexa rank is the same is 854.

Break too attracts around 14 million visitors and its Alexa rank is 1489. The complete rank and Quantcast rank is 1104 and 60 respectively.

As simple as it sounds, TV is also on the list of top video sites and attracts 13 million visitors. The Alexa rank compiled with complete rank and Quantcast rank is 1749, 124 and 787 respectively.

Metacafe makes way for 12.5 to 13 million visitors daily. Its Alexa rank can be noted to be 1477, while its complete rank and Quantcast rank is 1028 and 461 respectively.

Viewster is great in terms of its content and therefore, more than 12 million visits the site daily. The Alexa rank is 3779, while the complete rank is 150 and Quantcast rank is 300.

The final understanding of the top video sites:

If you have been using any one of the above video sites, then certainly you are aware of the reason why. Since the content posted is so much fun, knowledgeable and useful; users find the maximum engagement here . Therefore, turn on the site and start your entertainment moment now!

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