10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Better TweetDeck & Comparisons

Better TweetDeck A browser extension to improve TweetDeck with a lot of features Created by Damien Erambert Adds some nice options on TweetDeck to provide a better experience when used on Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

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Better TweetDeck

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 Feedly Web
Chrome OS
Apple Watch
Android Tablet
Kindle Fire
Freemium Website
4 Tweet Pup Web   Commercial Website
5 AddToAny Web
Free Website
6 Narrow Web   Commercial Website
7 Buffer Alternatives and Similar Software   Online
Android Tablet
Google Chrome
Free with limited functionality Website
8 Hypegrowth Web   Commercial Website

Reasons why Feedly is a good alternative to Better TweetDeck

  • Feedly provides a better user experience than traditional RSS readers
  • It is easier to find and follow people with Feedly
  • Feedly is more intuitive to navigate than other RSS readers
  • You can save articles on Feedly to read later
  • You can also share articles with friends via Facebook or Twitter
  • The interface is cleaner and easier to use on

Reasons why Tweet Pup is a good alternative to Better TweetDeck

  • Tweet Pup is a free, ad-free application
  • Tweet Pup is quick and easy to use
  • Tweet Pup has multiple modes
  • You can also easily switch between accounts
  • You can also mute any tweets you don’t want to see
  • TweetPup has many helpful keyboard shortcuts

Reasons why Narrow is a good alternative to Better TweetDeck

  • Provides a familiar, easy-to-use interface
  • Supports most of the features that are found in Better TweetDeck
  • Still has the ability to customize with extensions
  • Doesn’t require Chrome or an installation
  • Can set up multiple column views for different accounts

Reasons why Hypegrowth is a good alternative to Better TweetDeck

  • Hypegrowth is a free app
  • Hypegrowth offers more features than Better TweetDeck
  • Hypegrowth is easier to use for beginners
  • Hypegrowth has better customer service
  • Hypegrowth is more interactive than Better TweetDeck
  • Hypegrowth has more active users

Reasons why AddToAny is a good alternative to Better TweetDeck

  • The AddToAny team invested countless hours into developing the product with user feedback
  • The AddToAny team is very responsive to user feedback
  • If you’re looking for a good alternative to Better TweetDeck, you should consider AddToAny
  • You can share content from one site to multiple social media sites with AddToAny