Blend 365 Blend 365 has made data management a completely hassle-free affair, by enabling automation and… Created by Uptrix Consulting Are you looking for a tool that can help you with data management? Blend 365 is the answer!Apart from offering 80% more data accuracy, Blend 365 helps you save approximately 50% to 80% of the time you would otherwise spend on managing the data. What’s more? Blend 365 has made data loading a three-step process and you needn’t worry about programming or coding either.With email notifications, data approval and data scheduling have also become easier and more efficient. Blend 365 comes with built-in transformation tools that can verify and convert data.Blend 365’s smart user interface works with the users’ email client to disperse notification emails, as soon as any data process is completed in the system. It also offers easy-to-use alternatives to plan routine transactional data upload into Microsoft Dynamics.You can also search for data without any trouble with Blend 365, thanks to the smart mapping interface. With Blend 365, record source data that has to be produced within the destination application….

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1 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Windows Commercial Website

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