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All You Need To Know About The Chive App

Every other person wants themselves to remain stress-free and feel entertained in their free time. This helps them to remain calm and feel light. There are a wide number of ways in which a person can be entertained by doing different things. Some listen to music, some watch movies, some play games, etc. In the modern world, there are several applications available that help the person to enjoy things. One such app is the Chive App, which is designed and owned by The Chive Group LLC for the main purpose of providing entertainment to its users.

About the application

The application consists of digital media things related to photos as well as videos. One can download the app from the Apple App Store as well as the Play Store as it runs on both the platforms. One just has to simply create their identification ID and enjoy the services provided by the app. The application categorizes these selected photos and videos under several categories such as gaming, hotness, humor, entertainment, lifestyle, military, and many more. This application is one of the most downloaded humor app on the Play Store.

The chive app not only has photos and videos that are uploaded by the users, but they also have Chive TV as well as Chive Originals of their own. They pick up the selected photos and videos to upload on behalf of the group and helps the people to enjoy them.

Find Top 10

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 DbNinja Web Self-Hosted Free Personal Website
2 ElectroCRUD Mac
Free Website
3 SIDU Web Free Website
5 Adminer PHP
Free Website
6 PHPLiteAdmin Web Free Website
7 DBKiss Web Free Website
8 Enhanced SQL Portal (ESP) Web Mac
Free Website
9 PopSQL Mac
Freemium Website
10 phpMyAdmin Web PHP Free Website

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