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Apps Like Chive & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today


All You Need To Know About The Chive App

Every other person wants themselves to remain stress-free and feel entertained in their free time. This helps them to remain calm and feel light. There are a wide number of ways in which a person can be entertained by doing different things. Some listen to music, some watch movies, some play games, etc. In the modern world, there are several applications available that help the person to enjoy things. One such app is the Chive App, which is designed and owned by The Chive Group LLC for the main purpose of providing entertainment to its users.

About the application

The application consists of digital media things related to photos as well as videos. One can download the app from the Apple App Store as well as the Play Store as it runs on both the platforms. One just has to simply create their identification ID and enjoy the services provided by the app. The application categorizes these selected photos and videos under several categories such as gaming, hotness, humor, entertainment, lifestyle, military, and many more. This application is one of the most downloaded humor apps on the Play Store.

The chive app not only has photos and videos that are uploaded by the users, but they also have Chive TV as well as Chive Originals of their own. They pick up the selected photos and videos to upload on behalf of the group and helps the people to enjoy them.

Find Top 10

#ImageApp NameFeaturesPlatformsPriceWebsite Link
1Apps Like Chive & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 1DbNinjaWebSelf-HostedFree PersonalWebsite
2Apps Like Chive & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 2ElectroCRUDΒ Mac
3SIDUWebΒ FreeWebsite
5Apps Like Chive & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 3AdminerΒ PHP
6Apps Like Chive & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 4PHPLiteAdminWebΒ FreeWebsite
7DBKissWebΒ FreeWebsite
8Apps Like Chive & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 5Enhanced SQL Portal (ESP)WebMac
9Apps Like Chive & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 6PopSQLΒ Mac
10Apps Like Chive & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 7phpMyAdminWebPHPFreeWebsite

Chive app: Your Entertainment around the Corner

We are living in a very modern world. It is all about entertainment and enjoyment. You want to have quality time. When you are alone and how to spend time. We are here to introduce you to an app called the Chive app. This app will provide you with pure entertainment and fun. It is a type of digital platform that brings a smile to everyone’s face. The Chive app is a visual medium. Along with that, it allows watching unique pieces of content. On this application, there are a lot of videos and photos uploaded. In simple words, it is a great place to invest time. On this platform, there are a lot of people selling their content. This keeps everyone entertained. In fact, to get on the Chive app is not a very tough thing to do.

All you have to do is install this application on your phone. This app is available on two major platforms. One is the play store, and the other one is the apple app store. The installation of the Chive app is entirely free. There is nothing more you have to do. There is one crucial step. That is the registration. The necessary details are required to get on this. Right after this step, it is provided to the user. So the existence of the user is acknowledged by the id.

The Chive application will never let boredom hit you. In fact, this is an entirely visual platform. Many users keep putting their picture and videos on a daily basis. As we have already mentioned that it is a digital platform too. There is also a medium called Chive TV. As the name suggests, it is a type of television. Even on this platform, a lot of enjoyable contents are uploaded.

Detail about the Chive app

● Chive application purely provides entertainment and amusement. This is an entirely visual platform.

● Chive is a platform that is made to provide fun. It is quite prominent. 

● Alongside it gives the liberty to share the moments of your life. On the Chive app, you can upload pictures and photos.

● This can be installed very conveniently. Chive app is available on two platforms. That is an apple app store and play store.

● As it is a digital medium, there is also a place called Chive TV.

● Only one step needs to be done to get off Chive. This app includes the process of registration.


  • How the Chive app functions?

This app provides fun to users. There are two aspects to this. The is a place where you can upload pictures and videos. Apart from one is Chive TV.

  • How to install this application?

It is available in the two most popular places. You can install it from the play store and apple app stores.

  • How to make the id on Chive app?

The basic thing is the registration process to get the identification. Most common details are required about the user.

Reasons why DbNinja is a good alternative to Chive

  • Chive’s app’s UI is outdated and the navigation is complicated
  • DbNinja has a more simplified and user-friendly interface that is much easier to navigate than Chive
  • DbNinja offers more features than Chive, such as higher quality gifs and videos, and it’s free
  • DbNinja’s database of memes, gifs,

Reasons why ElectroCRUD is a good alternative to Chive

  • It’s free
  • You can make your own memes
  • You can use it in the dark
  • It has a good sense of humor when it comes to CRUD functionality in my app
  • It has more CRUD functionality than Chive in my app
  • It has better CRUD functionality than Chive in my app

Reasons why Adminer is a good alternative to Chive

  • Adminer is a better alternative to chive because it’s more reliable and can be used on all operating systems
  • Adminer is quick and easy to use, and easy to set up
  • A good alternative to Chive is Adminer because it has a free version that doesn’t force you to pay for additional features
  • An alternative to Chive is Admin

Reasons why DBKiss is a good alternative to Chive

  • DBKISS is a good alternative to Chive
  • DBKISS has a better design
  • DBKiss uses less battery power
  • DBKiss is not as buggy as CHIVE
  • You can now hide those embarrassing photos from friends

Reasons why PopSQL is a good alternative to Chive

  • PopSQL is a free app
  • PopSQL has more content
  • PopSQL includes more content on the front page
  • PopSQL has a menu bar that’s easier to use
  • PopSQL looks nicer
  • PopSQL is designed with a different taste