5 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Afloat & Comparisons

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Reasons why PiP-Tool is a good alternative to Afloat

PiP-Tool is a Mac utility that adds additional functionality to your Mac. PiP-Tool has 3 main functions: the ability to change the position of any window, set up virtual desktops, and desktop management. With PiP-Tool, you can see more than one thing at once (e.g., calendar and chat) and use windows like tabs in a browser. The program is free for anyone to download and comes recommended by many people who use it everyday.

Reasons why DeskPins is a good alternative to Afloat

Deskpins is a Mac utility that allows the user to pin the position of windows on their Mac. Deskpins provides full customization options for window placement, including z-axis (where deskpins can pin windows on the side of your screen), and transparency. Deskpins is a great alternative to Afloat, which is a free Mac utility, but lacks many customization options.

Reasons why OnTopReplica is a good alternative to Afloat

OnTopReplica is a free, open-source utility that ensures that your Mac’s desktop remains visible when you move from one application to the next. This is especially useful for users of virtual desktops.
I switch between a lot of programs throughout the day, and often find myself unable to remember what I was doing in the previous program I was in.

Reasons why MenuTools is a good alternative to Afloat

As a Mac user, you are always looking for ways to personalize your computing experience. One way to do this is by using free utilities that enhance the functionality of the software that Apple provides. For example, there are many apps on the App Store that allow you to customize your iphone or iphone screen. MenuTools is another option for those who want to customize their Mac but do not want to use third party software that needs constant updating.

Reasons why LayerX is a good alternative to Afloat

The article will discuss reasons why LayerX is a good alternative to Afloat. Afloat is a free Mac utility that helps users create, modify, and delete layers in Adobe Photoshop. It is used by artists and designers to isolate specific design elements in their projects for easier editing. LayerX provides the same functionality as Afloat but also includes options to work with vector objects in Adobe Illustrator.