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Apps Like CTX & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

CTX Lets you search across your cloud apps in one shot. Created by Cohesive Technology Do you ever have that problem where you can never remember which of your team’s many tools content your lives in?I’m constantly trying to find that issue where we talked about the Widget – or was it an email? Or maybe it was in Slack… coulda been a Trello ticket?!CTX is a search tool that indexes your Trello, Slack, Github, Drive and email – and now your JIRA too – and lets you search across all of them at once. More Info Β»It’s secure, it’s really fast and it lets you easily see what content you’ve got, and set up alerts for when new content that matches your Saved Searches is added. Oh, and there’s an awesome Slack integration too – you can search from within Slack with one command.

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