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Apps Like Descra & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Descra Descra simplifies writing copy for e-commerce and data driven websites. Created by Descra Descra is a content creation tool which accelerates and simplifies your writing process. Write hundreds of unique texts in a matter of minutes, not weeks!Descra lets you generate hundreds of product descriptions or any other unique texts for your website in no time. The tool helps you save money and time that would be wasted when writing each version of the text separately. No techie knowledge required, you will only need the database with your product details. After you write your own text template with variables and synonyms in place, Descra will do the rest for you. Just choose the number of the texts needed…. More Info Β»Descra will be most useful for any ecommerce pros who own an online store with many similar products. It will serve any other data-driven websites just as well. Automated text generation will save your time and nerves. Unique texts for each of your products will also help you rank high in search engines.

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1Apps Like Descra & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today 1AdZisWooCommerce
Magento Community Edition