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Apps Like Doofinder & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Doofinder Doofinder is the best search engine for your ecommerce. Created by Doofinder What is Doofinder?It is a search engine application for your eCommerce business. Doofinder allows you to display all your products or content results and they can be combined together. Thanks to our algorithm, our clients have access to the best internal search engine, minimizing spelling and typographical errors in the search process. Furthermore, our control panel allows every client to create marketing opportunities through the synonyms system and the ranking of results.Sensitive to spelling and Phonetic ErrorsOur search technology is based on a semantic processing architecture, which will ensure that your customers find the products they want, minimizing spelling and typographical errors in the search process. Using auto-learning technology the system learns from the behavior of users, being able to show correct results regardless of the search. More Info ยปPhonetic Search TechnologyOur phonetic search technology allows for the correction of spelling mistakes in words that are phonetically correct.Suppose you write fillips when you should have written Philips. Being phonetically correct the search engine will give results for Philips.Word Rooting SystemThanks to our algorithm, doofinder can identify different ways to search for a product in order that every search related to a product can be displayed. Global SearchMost of the basic search algorithms are searching in the title in order to display results which minimises the chance for your clients to find the products they were looking for. Whereas Doofinder is looking through all the information such as title, description, images, categories, keywords, referencesโ€ฆ.using different scoring on each field. Thus, we allow you to display more products which are related to the search term.SpeedOne of our keys to success is the speed of the search.In milliseconds Doofinder returns results, decreasing the dropout rate and improving the ecommerce conversion rate.

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