The Drudge Report Alternatives For 2021 For Better News, Aggregated Information And Many More

The Drudge Report is a popular website that aggregates the most interesting news stories from around the world. The site was founded in 1996 by Matt Drudge, who continues to update it daily with links to news articles. There are many other sources of news on the internet, but none of them can compete with Drudge when it comes to popularity and trustworthiness. However, there are some alternatives out there for those who want something different than what’s offered on

This post will introduce you to three alternative websites: Huffington Post DC, Washington Times and Politico. We’ll take an in depth look at each one and then we’ll let you know which one is our favorite!

Here are 15 Drudge Report Alternatives

1. The Daily Wire

2. Huffington Post’s Politics section with a focus on current events in politics and American life as well as global news coverage from HuffPost World/APM Reports which can be found at their website.

3. Slate

4. Salon

5. Politico, Inc.

6. Talking Points Memo (TPM)

7. Think Progress (TP)

8. Media Matters for America (MMFA)

9. AlterNet: Independent News for a Change!

10. Daily Beast‘s “Beast Watch” blog and their RSS feed for breaking news updates from around the world, including U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific region, Middle East & Africa and Latin America regions of the Americas

11.. The Blaze

12. Breitbart News

13. Infowars

14. Twitchy News

15. PJ Media (Pajamas) News and Commentary for Conservatives, Libertarians, and the Tea Party Movement.

Here Are The Features Of Each Drudge Alternatives In Detail –

The Daily Wire

1. The Daily Wire is a conservative news and opinion website

2. It was founded by Ben Shapiro, who also serves as editor-in-chief

3. It has been described as “a leading source of news and commentary from the right”

4. The site’s articles are primarily written by contributors, but it does publish some articles under its own name

5. Its content includes both political and cultural stories, with a focus on reporting about US politics in particular

6. Contributors to the site include prominent conservatives such as Michelle Malkin, John Hinderaker, David Limbaugh and Dennis Prager

7. The Daily Wire is headquartered in Los Angeles County

The Huffington Post

1. Latest news and analysis from the Huffington Post’s politics team

2. Opinion pieces by top bloggers, columnists, and thinkers on issues of the day

3. Breaking political news stories as they happen in real time

4. Discussion forums for people to talk about what matters most to them

5. Polls and surveys to see how Americans are feeling about key issues today

6. Interactive maps that show you where candidates stand on key topics like immigration, gun violence prevention, climate change, health care reform, taxes and more

7. A live blog with up-to-the-minute coverage of all things 2021 presidential election related including speeches from both Joe Biden and Donald Trump at their conventions this week in Philadelphia and Cleveland respectively as well as commentary from HuffPost reporters nationwide covering every angle of the race for president

8. The latest tweets from President Joe Biden (@POTUS), Secretary Kamala Harris (@VP) or any other member of the White House staff (including @WhiteHouse) or campaign trails.


1. Slate is a free, open-source platform

2. Slate makes it easy to create and publish interactive articles

3. Slate’s code base is written in JavaScript

4. The editor features live previewing of the article as you type

5. You can embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo into your article with just one click

6. The editor automatically handles video captions for you, so they’re always accurate and up-to-date!

7. There are no limits on how many images you can add to an article or how long your articles can be!

8. Articles are responsive across all devices – even old school flip phones will show them nicely!


1. Salon offers a variety of topics, from politics to culture

2. It has been around since 1995

3. It is an online-only publication

4. The site’s content is updated daily

5. Its articles are written by professional journalists and experts in the field of journalism

6. There are no ads on the website or app, so you can read without distraction or interruption

7. You can sign up for a free account to save your favorite stories and receive notifications when new articles are published on specific topics that interest you most (i.e., technology)

8. Salon also publishes podcasts with interviews with writers, thinkers, actors, directors and musicians who discuss their latest projects and ideas in depth; these podcasts are available through iTunes as well as through its own podcasting app called “Salon Radio” which is available for iOS devices only at this time but will soon be released for Android users too!

Politico Inc

1. Politico is a digital-only news organization

2. Politico’s slogan is “The Capital Playbook”

3. The company was founded in 2007 by John Harris and Jim VandeHei, both of whom had previously worked for the Washington Post

4. In 2016, it launched its Spanish-language site,

5. It has an annual revenue of $10 million USD as of 2017

6. Its headquarters are located in Arlington County, Virginia near Reagan National Airport and Pentagon City Mall

7. As of 2018, it has over 100 employees with offices in Philadelphia and New York City as well as bureaus throughout the U.S., including Chicago; Miami; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Boston; Denver; Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas); Detroit (Michigan); Houston (Texas); Seattle (Washington), Phoenix (Arizona) and Atlanta (Georgia). It also maintains international coverage from London to Brussels to Tokyo to Sydney to Mexico City to Buenos Aires

8. Politico publishes content on its website that covers politics at all levels – national politics such as Congress or presidential campaigns, state politics such as governors’ races or city hall battles.

Talking Points Memo

1. Talking Points Memo is a daily, one-stop shop for the latest in national politics

2. TPM has been reporting on the major news events of our time since 2000

3. TPM’s reporters and editors are all veterans of mainstream journalism, providing an informed take on what’s happening at the intersection of Washington and Wall Street

4. The site features original reporting from staff writers as well as contributions from leading journalists across the country and around the world   

5. TPM provides breaking news updates throughout each day about developments in both national political stories and key policy debates here in Washington DC

6. Every weekday morning, readers can find thoughtful analysis with sharp commentary about current events that will help them make sense of it all – or just have some fun reading opinionated takes on things they may not have seen anywhere else (or even thought to look for) elsewhere online or in print media

7. The blog is updated continuously during business hours with new posts appearing every few minutes; there are also frequent updates through social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr and RSS feeds to ensure readers never miss out on anything important that happens while they’re away from their home.

Think Progress

1. ThinkProgress is a progressive news site that focuses on providing original reporting and analysis of the issues, ideas, and people shaping American politics

2. The coverage includes climate change, economy, national security, LGBT rights, reproductive health care access

3. It also provides an in-depth look at the most pressing topics of our time through its Big Ideas section

4. The blog has been recognized for its innovative storytelling formats such as liveblogging events and interactive infographics

5. Its reporters have won several awards including Edward R Murrow Awards from Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA)

6. It was founded by former Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein in 2005 with funding from donors like George Soros’ Open Society Foundation

7. In 2010 it became part of the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Media Matters For America

1. Media Matters for America is a progressive media watchdog organization

2. It was founded in 2004 by David Brock, who also founded the liberal American political action committee Media Matters Action Network and the associated Super PAC Correct The Record

3. MMFA’s stated goal is to “comprehensively monitor, analyze, and correct conservative misinformation in the U.S. media”

4. MMFA has been described as “a nonprofit tax-exempt organization that specializes in tracking conservative politicians and pundits”

5. In 2010 it had an annual budget of $10 million with approximately 100 employees

6. It produces daily content on its website including original articles, video clips from TV shows or speeches by public figures, and short summaries of news items from other sources such as print newspapers or blogs

7. MMFA publishes a blog called NewsMatters which provides commentary on various issues related to United States politics and society through opinion pieces written by its staff members; this blog often features posts about Fox News Channel programs hosted by Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity among others; these posts are typically critical of their hosts’ opinions expressed during those programs (e.g., comments made about immigrants).

Daily Beast

1. The Daily Beast is a news and opinion website

2. It was founded in 2008 by Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker

3. It features breaking news coverage, commentary on politics, business, culture, entertainment and other topics

4. They have won more than 20 awards for journalistic excellence since 2008

5. They are headquartered in New York City with additional offices in Washington, D.C., London and Los Angeles

6. Their current CEO is Heather Dietrick who replaced John Avlon as Editor-in-Chief in 2017

7. In September 2013 they launched the Beast Books imprint at HarperCollins Publishers to publish books about politics, society and popular culture from a progressive perspective

8. A book published under this imprint won the National Book Award for Nonfiction in 2018: “The Death of Truth” by Michiko Kakutani (2018)

9. In December 2016 they partnered with Bloomberg News to launch an international edition based out of London which has now closed down due to financial constraints but will be relaunched soon according to their Twitter account (@thedailybeast) on October 12th 2019 10 years after its initial publication.

Breitbart News

1. Breitbart News is a conservative American news and opinion website based in Los Angeles, California

2. It was founded by Andrew Breitbart on February 4, 2007

3. The site’s CEO is Larry Solov and its former chairman is Stephen K. Bannon

4. The company has been owned since 2012 by the family of Robert Mercer, co-founder of Renaissance Technologies hedge fund

5. It operates as a subsidiary of the privately held company called Breitbart LLC that also owns the far-right media outlet “Breitbart News Network” (radio network) and “The Washington Times” newspaper

6. In November 2016, it became known to have been one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters during his presidential campaign for president in 2020

7. They are often accused of having racist content or being white nationalists themselves due to their pro-Trump stance and their ties with Steve Bannon who left after accusations emerged that he had made anti-Semitic comments about Jews working at CNN.

PJ Media

1. PJ Media is a conservative news and opinion website

2. It was founded in 2004 by Roger L. Simon, Charles Johnson, and Ben Domenech

3. The site features original content from its own staff as well as syndicated content from other sources

4. Its slogan is “the unapologetically pro-freedom voice of the New Media”

5. In addition to its online presence, PJ Media also has an active radio show called “The Morning Answer with Roger Simon” on AM 770 KTTH Seattle

6. It also hosts annual conferences for conservatives in Washington DC and California

7. The site’s contributors include Ann Coulter, Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, Bill Kristol, David Horowitz (American author), Michael Medved (radio talk show host) among others

8. They are known for their coverage of the Tea Party movement since 2009


1. Infowars is a news and opinion website that publishes articles on politics, media, global warming, culture, and U.S. domestic policy

2. It was founded in 1999 by American talk radio host Alex Jones

3. The site has been the center of many controversies due to its promotion of conspiracy theories about various topics such as 9/11 being an inside job and the Sandy Hook massacre being faked

4. As of July 2018, it had 2 million subscribers to its YouTube channel

5. It also has 4 million listeners on terrestrial radio stations across the United States


1. AlterNet is a nonprofit, independent news organization

2. It was founded in 1996 by David Fenton and John Raeside

3. They are based in San Francisco, CA

4. AlterNet publishes original content on its website as well as syndicated content from other sources like the New York Times, MSNBC, The Guardian, and more

5. It has a left-wing point of view that covers topics such as politics, environment, human rights and social justice issues

6. Their articles cover these topics with an emphasis on providing solutions to problems rather than just reporting on them without offering any insight or guidance for how to fix them

7. They also provide information about activism opportunities for readers who want to get involved in political causes they care about most deeply but don’t know where to start or what organizations exist that align with their values.

Our sources didn’t include the New York Times, MSNBC, The Guardian and more because you already what they are. Talking about Drudge Report, It has a left-wing point of view that covers topics such as politics, environment, human rights and social justice issues. Their articles cover these topics with an emphasis on providing solutions to problems rather than just reporting on them without offering any insight or guidance for how to fix them. They also provide information about activism opportunities for readers who want to get involved in political causes they care about most deeply but don’t know where to start or what organizations exist that align with their values.

Hope you enjoyed this article about drudge alternatives and can choose one from now on!