12 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Edabit & Comparison

Edabit We’re like Duolingo for learning to code. When learning to code, most people get stuck on the “bridge” between memorizing syntax and understanding the logic that makes it all work. We believe the most effective way to learn a programming language is to break the process into three phases:1. Memorize syntax2. Solve problems3. Make stuff most beginners jump from memorizing syntax directly into making stuff (or trying) without fully understanding how syntax is used to solve problems. In other words, they haven’t learned how to think like a programmer, yet they’re trying to solve problems like a programmer. More Info »Edabit was created to bridge this gap, while also making the process fun and addictive.

Edabit: Be Ready to Accept the Challenge

Edabit is a challenging application for both the engineers and the programmers. It improves the skills of the programmers by giving coding challenges to them. Starting from simple coding languages too difficult languages, Edabit gives all the challenges to the programmers. It has eight code languages in total. These eight languages include C, C++, Java, and python.

Nearly more than ten thousand challenges are available for the users. They can choose challenges based on their knowledge. Programmers can improve their syntax, data structures, and algorithms, etc. To cheer up the users, Edabit gives points after the successful completion of a level. Users can create a profile, which is free of cost. Anyone can participate in these challenges.


Matt McPherson is the founder of Edabit. Matt is a software developer, programmer, entrepreneur, and master of the Intertubes. On 14th February 2017, Edabit launched into the market of software. It is a great platform for programmers and people who love programming.

Edabit has so many categories. It includes online courses, online education, coding playground, programming, coding challenges,  and coding games, etc. All the stuff related to programming languages is available in Edabit.

How it works

  • First, you have to install the Edabit app on PC or mobile phones. After installing open the app, you will see a code tab. After clicking on the code tab, Edabit will give you a starter function option as function hello() {}.
  • Next, you have to type “hello Edabit.com” in the given flower braces.
  • After typing the code, click the check option. If your code is correct, you will see that the option turns into red, then click the final submit option. If the code is incorrect, you will have three options. You can unlock the solutions tab, find help in the resources lab or check the code again
  • All the letters must be in lower case.

Find Top 10

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 12 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Edabit & Comparison 1 CheckIO Web
  Free Website
2 12 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Edabit & Comparison 2 exercism Web



  Free Website
3 12 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Edabit & Comparison 3 Codewars Web   Freemium Website
4 12 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Edabit & Comparison 4 CodeSignal Web   Commercial Website
5 Codecademy Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps   Online Free with limited functionality Website
6 12 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Edabit & Comparison 5 Project Euler Web   Free Website
7 12 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Edabit & Comparison 6 Coderbyte Web   Freemium Website
8 12 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Edabit & Comparison 7 freeCodeCamp Web   Free Website
9 12 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Edabit & Comparison 8 CodinGame Web   Free Website
10 12 Alternatives & Similar Apps for Edabit & Comparison 9 HackerRank Web   Free Personal Website

Top features

• More than ten thousand coding challenges are available. So, users who are interested in programming can continuously upgrade their skills and talents in computer languages.

• Encourages by giving points. Correct codes will get some points. So, users won’t get bored.

• Right and wrong answers can be thoroughly checked. Mistakes can overcome by using the solutions tab. Edabit will provide help through the resources tab.

• One of the best features is the programmers can communicate with each other through the comment section.

• Not only the programmer but also common people from other streams can use Edabit to increase their programming knowledge. Edabit helps the users to find out different stuff about the programming languages.


1. What is the cost of Edabit?

At starting, users can have a free trial. After the free trial ends, they have to pay $29 for a one-month subscription.

2. What are the alternatives to Edabit?

AlgoExpert, interview cake, coderbyte, hacker rank,  code game, Educative are some of the alternatives to Edabit.

3. How many challenges does Edabit have?

There are more than ten thousand challenges available for the users in Edabit.

Reasons why exercism is a good alternative to Edabit

  • CheckIO is a new and innovative program
  • CheckIO uses a whole new approach to problem solving
  • CheckIO is free to use for all its members
  • CheckIO has an excellent reputation
  • CheckIO helps you develop your logical reasoning skills
  • It’s easy to navigate

Reasons why Codewars is a good alternative to Edabit

  • It’s free
  • It has a growing community of people who are learning to code
  • It’s interactive
  • It encourages you to push your limits
  • The exercises are written in many languages, including Rust, Java, Python, Ruby, Haskell, Javascript
  • There are also exercises for testing

Reasons why CodeSignal is a good alternative to Edabit

  • Codewars is free
  • Codewars is more interactive
  • Codewars has more options
  • Codewars has a welcoming community
  • Codewars has many competitive challenges

Reasons why Project Euler is a good alternative to Edabit

  • CodeSignal has free plans for more than one user
  • CodeSignal is an online source of experience, advice, and information
  • CodeSignal is constantly updated with new content
  • CodeSignal is the best resource for finding answers to your programming questions
  • CodeSignal has a robust chat system that connects users with people who can provide answers

Reasons why CheckIO is a good alternative to Edabit

  • Project Euler is free
  • Project Euler has a smaller selection of problems
  • Project Euler doesn’t require you to choose the programming language for each problem
  • Project Euler provides more explanation for each problem
  • Project Euler gives you feedback on your progress
  • Project Euler is more interesting