9 Alternative & Similar Apps for Emvoice One & Comparisons

Emvoice One Vocal creation and arrangement tool unlike anything on the market. Created by Emvoice We’re building a Text-to-Voice engine that can sing and speak expressively. We’re giving music producers access to the only virtual instrument they lack: the human voice.Having a vocal on a track can massively increase its commercial potential. To put it simply, successful music is almost exclusively vocal. Yet, most music producers now lack the time, money, or adequate conditions to make vocal music. Any major pop song production contains 40 to 50 vocal tracks, or more. Giving every producer access to high-quality voices has the potential to change the way music is produced, and by whom…. More Info »Emvoice One has a unique ability: it can produce singing and speaking voices. It will be the testbed for our core technology.

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Emvoice One

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 DeepVocal Windows Free Website
Commercial Website
3 Alter/Ego Mac
Free Website
4 Synthesizer V Mac
Commercial Website
5 UTAU Windows Freemium Website
6 Chipspeech Mac
Commercial Website
7 eCantorix Linux Free Website
8 Sinsy Linux Free Website
9 RenoidPlayer Web Free Website

Reasons why DeepVocal is a good alternative to Emvoice One

In comparison to Emvoice One, DeepVocal is a much better choice of vocal creation and arrangement tool. It has been proven to help with lyric writing and a wide range of other tasks that are often time-consuming and difficult to complete. The interface of this program makes it easy for users of any skill level to quickly create a variety of different vocals including pre-recorded sounds, samples, instruments, and effects.

Reasons why VOCALOID is a good alternative to Emvoice One

The release of VOCALOID in 2004 was a milestone for new music technology. Not only did it provide a way for computer-generated voices to sing, but it also made the process of creating and arranging songs easier than ever before. VOCALOID has been quickly adopted by many musicians who have been using the program to create their own songs from scratch with different vocal melodies and lyrics.

Reasons why Synthesizer V is a good alternative to Emvoice One

Synthesizer V is a good alternative to Emvoice One for vocal creation and arrangement tool. It can be used in all styles of music with great results that are not possible with other programs.With Synthesizer V you don’t have to worry about importing samples, or any other time consuming steps. The program is simple to use right out of the box which means you can be creative quickly.

Reasons why UTAU is a good alternative to Emvoice One

UTAU is a vocal creation and arrangement tool that is free for anyone to use. Unlike Emvoice One, UTAU has an open-source interface. This means that it can be used on any operating system without having to purchase the software. The interface also allows the user to create Vocaloids, which are virtual emulations of human voices. There are also many other features and options with this program that make it a great option for amateur musicians and vocalists alike.

Reasons why Chipspeech is a good alternative to Emvoice One

ChipSpeech is a voice generation and arrangement tool that is an alternative to Emvoice One. ChipSpeech offers a free and easy-to-use interface, which allows users to access different voices and vocal effects that can be applied to any audio clip. The vocal styles that ChipSpeech provides include regular human, robotic, android, child, deep male voice, deep female voice, and asian English.