10 Alternatives & Similar Apps for eqMac 2 & Comparisons

eqMac 2 System-wide Audio Equalizer for Mac OSX Created by Roman Kisils A system wide audio equalizer program for Mac OS X.Improves your Audio Listening on OSX / macOS. Experience Music on your Mac, how it is meant to be.

eqMAC: Get the Best Experience of Music

Getting the best experience out of your music playlist makes it more enjoyable than just listening to the tunes. There are so many aspects of creating a song that is important to make it sound pleasant. Adjusting the frequency, bass, pitch, tempo, etc. play a crucial part in how one perceives a particular piece of music. Audio Equalization is a technique for adjusting the balance between audible frequency components. Equalizers are used in recording studios, radio studios, production control rooms, and instrument amplifiers, such as guitar amplifiers, to correct or adjust the response of microphones, instrument pick-ups, loudspeakers, and hall acoustics. Equalization may also be required to eliminate or reduce unwanted sounds (e.g., low hum coming from a guitar amplifier), make certain instruments or voices more (or less) prominent, enhance particular aspects of an instrument’s tone, etc.

An equalizer ensures that you can listen to your favorite music in a manner that you like best. It allows users to test out various modes of sound quality and chooses which one they like best, and applies the settings to the music player. The user can also customize their preferred settings and enjoy music. eqMAC is one such software. Understanding the various frequency ranges helps you to really customize the sound according to your taste and preferences. You can completely control how you listen to your music.

What is eqMAC?

eqMAC is a free and open-source audio equalizer for Mac. It improves your audio listening experience on the Mac operating system. It carries out system-wide audio equalizing through its application, on desktops as well as laptops. This open-source project places a widget in your menu bar which enables a system-wide equalizer.

Founder: Roman Kisil

URL: eqma.app

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eqMac 2

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 SoundPimp   Mac
Commercial Website
2 Boom 2   Mac
Commercial Website
3 A.R.I.S.E. Sound Mod   Android Free Website
4 Peace Equalizer, interface for Equalizer APO   Windows Free Website
6 Breakaway Audio Enhancer   Windows Commercial Website
7 ViPER4Windows   Windows Free Website
8 EqualizerPro   Windows Commercial Website
9 DeskFX Audio Enhancer Software   Windows Free Website
10 Equalizer APO   Windows Free Website

Features of eqMAC:

  • Equalizes sound throughout the system
  • Has volume controls which allow you to boost and balance sound
  • Comes with basic and advanced equalizer
  • A basic equalizer allows you to adjust bass and treble
  • An advanced equalizer allows you to adjust specific frequencies


  • What does eqMAC do?

If you feel like your audio hardware such as headphones or speakers do not have enough Bass (low frequency) punch, or vice versa, you can adjust the frequency using eqMac.

  • Why should I use eqMAC?

Using eqMAC’s audio equalization, you can experience the best audio quality and properly enjoy the music at its best.

  • How to download eqMAC?

Press the Download button on the home page. Open the downloaded eqMac.dmg file and drag the eqMac app into the Applications directory. Open eqMac.app from your Applications directory to run the program and set it up.

  • How to fix sound issues while using eqMAC?

Sometimes there can be syncing issues. Try to switch away from eqMac audio device to your preferred output device and eqMac should restart the audio pipeline; if not, you can try to restart eqMac.

  • What are the alternatives to eqMAC?

Some of the alternatives of eqMAC are Sound Pimp, Boom 2, Peace Equalizer, Breakaway, ViPER 4 Windows, Equalizer Pro, DeskFX Audio Enhancer, Equalizer APO, Arise Sound Mod, etc.

Reasons why SoundPimp is a good alternative to eqMac 2

  • It has a less cluttered interface
  • It’s compatible with more operating systems
  • It has an improved UI
  • It has a better user interface
  • It’s more fluid and responsive
  • You can save preset configurations

Reasons why Boom 2 is a good alternative to eqMac 2

  • More than 10 different audio effects
  • Adjustable sound volume
  • Set to your personal preference
  • Disabled for low quality devices
  • No advertisements; no purchase necessary
  • Customizable interface

Reasons why ViPER4Windows is a good alternative to eqMac 2

  • ViPER4Windows provides the best, most customizable audio equalizer
  • ViPER4Windows is much easier to use than other programs
  • ViPER4Windows provides a lot of sound presets for different kinds of music
  • ViPER4Windows includes VUMeter to help you analyze your music
  • You can stream music with ViPER4Windows by using MixerBox

Reasons why EqualizerPro is a good alternative to eqMac 2

  • It works on both Windows and Mac
  • It has more options than eqMac 2
  • It is free to download and use
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s compatible with iTunes, GarageBand, and other programs
  • You can create different profiles

Reasons why Equalizer APO is a good alternative to eqMac 2

  • It has more features than eqMac 2
  • You can customize the layout better
  • It is free for download
  • It is easier to use than eqMac 2
  • It has more presets than eqMac 2
  • It is compatible with Windows 10