7 Alternative & Similar Apps for Fab’s AutoBackup & Comparisons

Fab's AutoBackup Backup, restore, or transfer your Windows user items with simple check boxes and path fields! Created by Fabrice Parisot Fab’s Autobackup is a small portable program which allows users to backup and restore personal data and settings like emails, documents, internet browser bookmarks…- Fab’s AutoBackup 6 Pro: EUR 45. A must have for computer repair shops. It can backup, restore or direct transfer (from the old slaved or USB mounted hard drive to the new computer) files and settings from several users profiles at once and more drives than current system one. This version can run from rescue environments like Win8.1SE like it can run under regular Microsoft Windows systems (from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10)…. More Info »- Fab’s AutoBackup 6 : EUR 7.50. Designed for individuals, this version is perfect for simple backup tasks at home and office.- Fab’s AutoBackup 2 : freeware. Runs under windows up to XP/2003 but incompatible with Windows Vista and greater. A special version for BartPE/UBCD4WIN is available too.You can use it as Windows PE plugin (developed for Bart’s PE Builder) and as a standalone program for Windows.

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Fab’s AutoBackup

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 PCmover Windows Commercial Website
2 Zinstall Migration Kit Pro Windows Commercial Website
3 EaseUS Todo PCTrans Windows Freemium Website
4 IObit PCtransfer Warning Windows Free Website
5 Zinstall WinWin Windows Commercial Website
6 CloneApp Windows Free Website
7 Zinstall XP7 Windows Commercial Website

Reasons why PCmover is a good alternative to Fab’s AutoBackup

PCMover is an alternative to Fab’s AutoBackup ( home and office backup tasks app ) that provides the user with features that are not available in the original application, like automatic backups. For example, users can choose to do backups on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. PCMover also allows for saving data to various cloud-based storage providers.

Reasons why Zinstall Migration Kit Pro is a good alternative to Fab’s AutoBackup

Zinstall’s Migration Kit Pro is a comprehensive backup that includes all the features of Fab’s AutoBackup, but is also compatible with all platforms, including MacOS and Windows. With this product, users can choose how to backup their data from any device. Zinstall does not require an internet connection to back up files from a phone or tablet. Additionally, the software has the ability to back up files in real time without interrupting task performance.

Reasons why EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a good alternative to Fab’s AutoBackup

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a popular alternative to Fab’s AutoBackup for home and office backup tasks. The software offers many features that are not available on the latter, including encryption, continuous backups, and cloud storage. This is advantageous because it limits the amount of data lost if something were to happen to the device.

Additionally, EaseUS Todo PCTrans allows users to easily share files between devices with Dropbox or Google Drive integration.

Reasons why IObit PCtransfer is a good alternative to Fab’s AutoBackup

IoBit PCTransfer is a viable alternative to the leading home and office backup app Fab’s AutoBackup because of advanced features, simplicity, and free use. Unlike Fab’s AutoBackup the app has an intuitive interface that is easy for people with little or no experience to use. This makes it ideal for anyone with fast internet connections at home or work.

Reasons why Zinstall WinWin is a good alternative to Fab’s AutoBackup

Zinstall WinWin is a great alternative to Fab’s AutoBackup ( home and office backup tasks app). One of the best features is that it has an auto-turn off function. If you forget to turn off your computer at night, the system could stay on until the battery drains.