Apps Like fitssi & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

fitssi a social fitness app that brings like minded people together within the realm of sports and… Created by fitssi ltd Fitssi is a social fitness app that aims to bring like minded people together through sport and fitness. At the start of their journey users will find themselves logging into the app via Facebook. From there users can then pick a sport or a workout that is listed in the app and join events that other users have scheduled. There is also a chat feature between users in order to properly organize a game or workout.What separates fitssi from its competitors is the fact that we are using fitness as a platform to bring people together. Most fitness apps available are trackers letting its users know how many calories they have burned and other such metrics. While this can be useful, studies have shown that people are 72% more likely to stay in the gym if they have a workout partner.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 WeightRoom Web Free Website
3 Keep Apple TV
Apple Messages
Apple Watch
Android Tablet
Freemium Website
4 Fitocracy Web Android
Free Website
5 Gravitus iPhone Free Website