Flickr Alternative: Upload Pictures, Share Your Memories

We all have old pictures that we’ve taken and want to share with friends. What do you do if you need a way to upload your memories online?

The best part about Flikr alternative sites is they’re all 100% free which means you don’t have to worry about spending money when trying new things!

Websites like Flickr are great, but what if they don’t work for you? In this blog post, we’ll talk about the best alternatives to flikr that will help you store and share your memories.

List Of Best Flickr Alternatives That Works Smoothly

1. Google Drive 

Google Drive

-If you’re looking for something more specific like large files, video hosting or storage of other types of digital media, the best alternative is Google Drive. The price structure will depend on what type of plan you get but it’s worth checking out if you need that kind of service.

Google Drive Features

-Free storage for up to 15 GB

-Accessible via mobile device or computer

-Fully integrated with Gmail and Drive apps

Google Drive is the perfect option if you want a free drive that’s easy to access on your phone! What are some of its features? It offers free storage for up to 15GB, which should be enough space for most people. Google Drive also seamlessly integrates with Gmail and their own app, making it even easier than ever before. Of course, one downside is there is no desktop version like with other services; however, this won’t be an issue as long as you have internet connection.

2. Instagram


If you’re a fan of Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and has over 400 million monthly users as well as 800 million photos uploaded daily, then it might be time to try out Vero. This app boasts “no ads” and “more control,” so if those sound like features that are important to you then this could be your go-to alternative!

3. Fotolog 


-Fotolog is a social site that lets users create and share photo albums with friends around the world. It’s heavily focused on uploading photos, but it also allows you to chat or blog about your day too. The best part is this service is 100% free!

Fotolog Features

-All users have a profile page with their photos, videos and blog posts

-You can add friends to your Fotolog friend list. You will be notified when they upload new content or if you comment on their photo albums.

-Photos are uploaded in “booths” that other users can rate by clicking the “+” sign underneath the picture. A higher number of + signs increases the photo’s ranking within that particular booth.

-The website provides free hosting for all user pictures up to 1024×768 pixels size as well as easy access to blogs and forums through which members can interact with each other about photography related topics such as camera reviews, lenses, techniques etcetera.”

4. Photobucket 


–  Photobucket offers an online photosharing platform for storing private collections of images and videos. They have a huge library of stock photography as well if you don’t want to upload any personal content but still need some pictures! Photobucket has over 130 million active users so it’s great for networking with other creatives from all over the globe who are looking at their own favorite things privately too. There’s no cost aside from what you pay monthly.

Photobucket Features

• Store your photos and videos for free in the cloud.

• Upload from computer or mobile device.

• Organize with folders into albums, events, places, faces and more.

• Easily share to social media accounts or email them privately to family members without going through a third-party provider such as Facebook or Google+.

Photobucket isn’t just private storage! It’s an online community where you’ll find inspiration on everything photography related including tutorials, tips & tricks, camera reviews and even stock images that can be purchased at a very affordable price for commercial use.”

5. SmugMug 


– SmugMug is a photosharing website. It has over 200 million photos and videos shared with the community so it’s easy to find inspiration or download stock photography too! There are other perks like an online store for printing your pictures, photo books, canvases etc., as well as monthly subscriptions that include unlimited storage and exclusive discounts on their products.

6. ImageShack

Flickr Alternative: Upload Pictures, Share Your Memories 1

ImageShack Features

Upload your pictures and videos.

Share with friends, family or the whole world! You get up to 500 MB of free hosting space a month, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of room on ImageShack’s servers. Plus our easy uploader only takes a few minutes to master–less time than it would take you to change outfits anyway. It doesn’t matter if you’re new at this (or old) because we’ve got tutorials for just about anyone who needs them. Uploading has never been easier thanks to ImageShack.

7. Twitpic


Twitpic Features

Twitpic is a quick and easy way to upload, share, link and bookmark photos on Twitter. Twitpics can be used for anything from sharing your latest meal with friends or just the world at large to documenting an event you’re attending–whether it’s a sporting event or protest march. And because they are so simple to create and share they are perfect for capturing those moments when words aren’t enough!

Uploading pictures: You can upload pictures through the website by dragging them over from your desktop computer onto the page where it says “Drag image here” (or go directly into PhotoBucket). Or use twitter if that works better for you-simply tweet @twitpic then attach your picture in the panel.

8. Google Photos (free for up to 16 GB)

 Google Photos

Google Photos Features

– Google Photos is a free service that backs up your photos and videos automatically, so you never have to worry about losing them. They store high quality versions of your pictures in their original format without compressing them into a lower resolution.

– You can also choose which devices are synced with this app, as well as sharing settings for individual albums with friends or family members who are on the same account. The service will be rolling out across Android phones in the coming months too.

9. Microsoft’s OneDrive (free storage space for up to 5 GB)

Microsoft's OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive features

-The service is free with a limit of up to five gigabytes.

-Files can be shared privately or publicly, and there’s no storage limit for those who are paying the monthly subscription fee.

-Microsoft OneDrive offers apps on Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Mac OS X (via iCloud), and Window RT devices – so you’ll never have to worry about being left alone without an app!

-Pictures in Microsoft OneDrive will automatically adjust when viewed online meaning they come up clear every time even if your computer screen has changed size since it was uploaded. That way you always get the best viewing experience possible!

10. Apple iCloud (up to 20 GB free with a paid account) – you will get 5GB for free with your Apple ID.

Apple iCloud

iCloud Photos Features

Uploading Photos:

-Click the “+” sign on a photo in your Photo Stream or click “Import into My Photo Stream.” This will import all of your photos from that device.

-Drag and drop pictures to upload them from one computer to iCloud, too!

Transferring Pictures Between Devices: You can do this by going to Settings >iCloud >Photos & Camera then selecting which devices you want to transfer between. Choose the new iPhone/iPad for example, then hit ‘Transfer now.’ Your newest photos will be transferred automatically over Wi-Fi when it’s plugged into power—all without using any data plan minutes! If you’re not near either of those two devices at the moment, don’t worry if you have an iphone or iPad with installed, you can also select photos and click ‘transfer now’ to send them over wirelessly.

-When viewing your Photo Stream on the web or in iCloud’s Photos app for Macs, there are options at the bottom of the screen that let you delete a photo from your stream or download it as well as share it with others via email.

-You can also upload images directly from your computer by clicking “Add to My Photo Stream” after selecting files through Finder (Mac) > File > Export Web Gallery; Windows: Pictures tab then Edit menu button > Upload pictures…

Downloading Your Own Images: You can do this by going to Settings >iCloud >Photos and click on Download button. 

11. Dropbox 


– you can get free space for up to 100 GB if you can refer another user to use dropbox.

Dropbox Features

– You will get up to 100 GB free space with your Dropbox account if you can refer a friend.

– They have different options like Business, Personal and Team accounts for $99/year or $12.50 per month which include additional features such as file sharing permissions and administrative controls that allow you to share files without giving others access to view them; this is ideal for business use.

– It also gives all of its users the option of setting an expiration date on sensitive files so certain information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands after being shared inadvertently through email attachment, by uploading it on public networks or devices etc.

11. pCloud 


– pCloud is a photo hosting service, which offers you to upload and store as many photos and videos as your device storage allows. The free plan includes up to 50 GB of storage space.

pCloud Features

– pCloud offers its users up to 50 GB of free storage space.

– On the premium plan, you can upload any file type and size without restrictions or limits. This includes music files as well!

– The service is available across devices including Android, PC, Mac OSX and iOS which makes it easy to sync your photos with other computers for safekeeping or access from anywhere on any device.

– In addition to photo hosting services, pCloud also offers cloud printing (pCloud Print). You can print pictures directly from a phone through WiFi connection like Google’s Chromecast Streaming Media Player attached to TVs in order for everyone in the room to see them too!

12. ZumoDrive 


– the first thing I like about zumodrive is that it’s available for Windows, Mac or Linux users without the need for any additional software installation on their end (even better if they’re not tech-savvy).

ZumoDrive Features

– With ZumoDrive you can upload and download files from any computer with an internet connection.

– You can share folders, invite people to view or edit your files, and even set permissions on who has access to what file types.

– And if you’re in a hurry – like I was the day of my daughter’s first birthday party because I had forgotten to load up her favorite DVD for when it got dark out! – zumodrive is perfect because everything takes place right there in one window so that all you need do is click on “Transfer Now”. It really couldn’t be easier or more reliable. Plus they offer free storage space too!

13. MediaFire 


– With over 100 million registered members in 200 countries worldwide, MediaFire can be accessed from more places than just your home computer! Just download their desktop client onto your PC, laptop or tablet then log in with an email address and password. You’ll get 20GB of free spaces to get started.

Mediafire Photo Storage Features

MediaFire is a popular photo storage service that offers more than just 20GB of free space. MediaFire’s features include the ability to upload whole folders at once and share them with others, access pictures from your phone or tablet, set password protection on shared photos and much more!

-With over 100 million registered members in 200 countries worldwide, MediaFire can be accessed from more places than just your home computer! Just download their desktop client onto your PC, laptop or tablet then log in with an email address and password. You’ll get 20GB of free spaces to get started.

-One of my favorite things about MediaFire is how easy it is to use because there are no confusing settings you need navigate through whenfeatures

12. Koofr


 – I like the fact that Koofr offers a free plan for up to 50 GB of storage space. You can also upgrade your account to get more if you need it, but I’ve found that 50GB is enough for you and your family if you are looking for free options.

Koofr Features

-I like the fact that Koofr offers a free plan for up to 50 GB of storage space. You can also upgrade your account to get more if you need it, but I’ve found that 50GB is enough for you and your family if you are looking for free options.

-You can upload pictures from any device using their web interface or mobile app which makes life easier on our phones these days! They come with an intuitive layout and everything is easily accessible so uploading pictures has never been this easy before!

-One thing I really enjoy about Koofr is how they encourage people who don’t have much storage space available on their phone by giving them unlimited photo hosting until they hit the max limit.

13. Pinterest


Pinterest isn’t just an app you use to find recipes anymore; in fact, they’ve become one of the top social networks around today with over 150 million users worldwide uploading 100 billion pins since its launch back in 2010! Make sure to check them out if this sounds up your alley because Pinterest is for sharing photos but not for storing photos privately.

Pinterest Photo Features

Pinterest has a variety of features that make it great for everyone. Some of these include the ability to follow people you find interesting and create lists, as well as connect with friends to share your favorite pins. They also have an integrated feed where you can easily see what’s new on their platform in one place and there are plenty more convenient tools for sharing your photos too!

-If you’d like to edit or delete any pictures from this site, simply go into Media Library by clicking on “Uploads” at the top menu bar and then select either “Edit media” or “Delete media.” This is perfect if they’ve been uploaded wrongfully or want them deleted because some users may not even be aware that they exist here.