5 Free Music Beat Software Alternatives To GROSSBEAT

GROSSBEAT is a free music beat software made by Propellerhead Software. It has been around for about 15 years and has developed a cult following from producers all over the world. In this blog post, we will be discussing 5 free alternatives to gross beat that are similar in their functionality.

– FL Studio

– Reason 6

– Logic Pro X

– Ableton Live 9 Lite

FL Studio

FL Studio is a popular music production software, created by Image-Line. The program lets you mix together loops and samples to create your own beats as well as edit audio tracks from other sources. FL Studio supports VST plugins which are a type of plugin that can be used for common tasks like adding effects or instruments into the project such as synths, samplers and drum machines.

The free version of FL studio is limited in its functions but does allow users to export their finished product in .wav format with no time limit on exports. You also get 50 instrument sounds within the download package so there’s plenty of opportunity to try out different combinations before purchasing any additional packs.(TODO)

Feature Of FL Studio

1. FL Studio is a complete software music production environment 

2. It offers an unlimited number of tracks, each with its own MIDI or audio instrument and effects plugins 

3. The interface is optimized for the fast building of musical ideas 

4. The program has been used by professionals in all areas of the music industry


1. It’s a great program for beginners 

2. The interface is easy to use 

3. You can create music with it 

4. There are many tutorials available on the web


1. It’s not free 

2. You can’t export MIDI to audio 

3. The sound quality is low 

4. There are a lot of bugs and glitches

Propellerhead Reason 6

Propellerhead Reason is a complete professional music production system. The latest version offers an unlimited number of tracks, each with its own MIDI or audio instrument and effects plugins. To get more instruments, one can purchase the “Factory Sound Bank” for $199 which features over 16 GB of samples from top-selling producer Dr Dre to iconic sounds by Pink Floyd. This sound bank includes all-new patches as well as classic ones such as Subtractor – a synthesizer that emulates analog subtractive synthesis without using any distortion units in the signal chain – allowing users to create synthetic basses as no other synth has ever offered before!

Feature Of Propellerhead Reason 6

1. ReWire 

2. Audio to MIDI conversion 

3. External effect devices (AU, VST) support 

4. Unison mode for up to 8 voices of polyphony with a single note played on the keyboard 

5. Scales and chords in Chord Track


1. It’s easy to use 

2. Reason is a powerful DAW with an intuitive interface and a ton of features 

3. You can download the demo version for free 

4. The sound quality is excellent, especially when you’re using high-end plugins 

5. Reason 6 has more than 1,000 loops in its library


1. The interface is not as intuitive as it could be 

2. The sound quality isn’t the best 

3. It’s expensive

Logic Pro X

Another free alternative is Logic Pro X, which you can download for $199. This software features a wide range of instruments and effects from traditional drum kits to vintage synthesizers as well as its own collection of loops that are perfect for creating your next hit song!

Feature of Apple Logic Pro X: ReWire support, Audio-to-MIDI conversion although it’s not supported by third parties such as GarageBand or FL Studio; External effect devices (AU, VST) support; Unison mode up to eight voices polyphony with one note played on the keyboard; Scales and chords in Chord Track.

The most popular music production software packages currently available include GROSSBEAT ($300).

How To Use Logic Pro X

Logic Pro® X is a sophisticated music production system that offers you the most advanced tools for creating professional-sounding recordings. It’s so easy to use, even your Dad could do it (and he doesn’t know how to turn on his computer). All of this power and flexibility makes Logic the perfect choice not just for seasoned professionals but also novices who want to learn about making their own beats and recording awesome vocals or guitar parts.


1. The interface is easy to use 

2. It has a lot of features 

3. It has great sound quality 

4. You can customize the look and feel of the software


1. The interface is not as intuitive as it should be 

2. It’s expensive 

3. It doesn’t have the same features that Logic Pro 9 had

Ableton Live 9 Lite

Ableton Live Lite is a limited, but still powerful version of Ableton’s industry-standard music production software for Mac and PC. It enables musicians to spontaneously compose, record, remix, and improvise with other audio recordings or loops in real-time. All the functionality of the full program—including synths, samplers, effects processors, and mixing tools—is accessible through an easy-to-use interface that’s designed to be inviting even if you’re new to making music with computers.

What’s New In Version Nine?

In Loop Mode – A completely redesigned timeline view lets users create an infinite number of variations on one loop: drag it around your project; resize it as desired.

Feature Of Ableton Live 9 Lite

1. The program is a digital audio workstation 

2. Ableton Live 9 Lite has the ability to record and mix up to 64 tracks at once 

3. It also includes an array of virtual instruments, effects, and other tools for creating music 

4. You can use it as a MIDI controller with your DAW or hardware synth


1. Ableton Live 9 Lite is a free version of the full-featured software 

2. It has many features that will help you create music, including MIDI sequencing and recording 

3. You can use it to record live audio or sync with other applications like GarageBand or Logic Pro X 

4. The program comes with over 500 sounds, loops, and samples 

5. It is compatible with both Macs and PCs


1. It’s not a full version of Ableton Live 

2. You can’t save your work 

3. You have to upgrade to the paid version in order to export your work


The Meldaproduction Groove Machine is a free beat maker with some really nice features. It doesn’t have as many built-in instruments and effects as other software, but it does come with four free drum loops you can use to create your own beats. This makes up for the lack of presets in its instrument library. The interface is easy to learn and navigate, which might be important if this app turns out not to be what you’re looking for—you won’t waste any time trying anything else!

I also like that there’s an extensive tutorial on how to use all of the different tools available when making music in Meldaproduction Groove Machine; I found this helpful since I was new at using meldaproduction.

Feature Of Meldaproduction

1. Meldaproduction is a design studio 

2. They have been designing and developing websites since 1999 

3. They are based in the Netherlands, but their work reaches all over the world 

4. Their team consists of talented designers, developers, copywriters, project managers and strategists 

5. They specialize in creating digital products that help companies grow


1. Meldaproduction is a great company to work for 

2. The pay and benefits are good 

3. They have an awesome culture of inclusion and diversity 

4. I get to wear jeans every day


1. Meldaproduction is expensive 

2. It’s not as easy to use as other programs 

3. The interface isn’t very intuitive