Freelancify Task Management, Time Tracking and Accounting for Freelancers. Created by Lukas Hofstätter Freelancify is the perfect Management Suite for every Freelancer or self-employed Designer or Programmer out there.Manage everything with ease in one Place with these thoughtful features:TASKS // TIME TRACKING // ACCOUNTING // RESOURCES//> Create Projects and Tasks//> Track the Time spent on each Project//> Assign Files and Folders to a Project//> Open assigned Folders in Terminal to start coding right away//> Check how much money you have made already with a Project//> When having negotiated a fixed amount, check your hourly rate//> Check your Balance by keeping Track of Revenues and Expenses More Info »OTHER ADVANTAGES://> Supports Dark and Bright Mode//> Keep Timetracker always on Top//> Start Tracking from the Tray Menu (top right)//> Work Offline.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Bonsai Web Free Website
3 Clarrow Web Freemium Website
4 AND CO Web Mac
Commercial Website
5 Bundlify Web Commercial Website

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Stewart is a tech guy from Texas. He loves to compare different applications found online and provide a detailed comparison so that people can easily decide which app or software to use.


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