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Funny Call with Voice Changer It’s time to make the funniest phone calls, you should not take your calls to seriously. A new way of calling.Now you can modify your voice, make fun calls, play jokes and create special moments with your friends, your girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, children… and make them laugh!Real time crazy effects allow you to create different situations with our EXCLUSIVE CHARACTERS.- Premium Voicemod Personalities -• Androids• Spacemen• Sword• Transylvania• Ghost• Lord Rock• Lord Scout• Purplion• Yellion• Valentine• Santa• Party Time• Zombie More Info »- Voicemod Personalities -• Angry Bean• Dark Father• Optimod• Posessed• Storyteller• Cosmos• Agent• Idiotizer• Speechifier• Robot• DJ Trip• Student• Out of Range• Buttons• Birthday• EmojiFeatures:* You can call anyone and make drive them crazy* Different and exclusive characters* Real time effects: you can change your voice during the calls* Amazing background audios, add an emotional layer with our music backgrounds and effects* You can also get FREE credits- User Reviews -by Chris: “Best app ever, Thats AWESOME!!!!”by Pyschopat: ” Epic! This is a really fun app!!”by ToyerNYC: “Clearly an app designed by someone for the joy of creating something good and useful rather than pure profit. Definitely beyond a demo or ‘lite’ version. Gives the user a wide range of variations with the freedom to goof off anywhere in between. One of my favorite iPhone apps. Well done.”by Carl!!!: “I can finally rest in peice. I’ve been up all night looking for a voice changer (don’t ask why) to make me sound like a 10 yr old to troll people on my pc.”by fpsurgeon: “Really well done, especially compared to the rest of the apps here.”by bejigante: ” WAAAAL-EEE….

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