Giggle Wiki Giggle wiki is a free collaborative encyclopedia! Anyone can contribute. Just signup to get started. Created by Giggle, Inc. The free, collaborative, encyclopedia! Feel free to contribute to the Giggle Wiki Encyclopedia! Just make sure your changes have no bias and are factual. We are seeking to make sure all information is factual. Giggle Wiki is meant to be a complete encyclopedia so if something encyclopedic is missing please add it. If content is deemed to be not acceptable by an admin user, your account/IP address will be banned for an extended period of time. Purpose: Giggle Wiki is an Internet-based, free-content encyclopedia project that is a dynamic fork of Wikipedia and improves upon its online encyclopedia’s model of openly editable content. Giggle Wiki is written collaboratively by volunteers who contribute and edit without compensation. Anyone with Internet access can create and make changes to Giggle Wiki articles, except in limited cases where editing is restricted to prevent disruption or vandalism. We go by the following rules: 1. Objective Giggle Wiki is NOT meant to be a soapbox, but to weigh the facts to determine the truth. 2. No Promotions Giggle Wiki is an Encyclopedia. All articles must be factual and not include persuasive writing. Purseuasive writing may have the following exceptions It is a quote.It is a document following our guidelines for Submitting Documents. (Documents may include certain banners/advertisements)3. Editors should treat each other and viewers with respect and civility No childish comments, bad language or any other form of unacceptable content. All adult content is also prohibited. 4.Notability Only notable articles are allowed.

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Giggle Wiki

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Golden Web Freemium Website
2 Citizendium Web Free Website
3 Wikipedia Web
Android Tablet
Kindle Fire
Free Website
4 Everipedia Mac
Free Website
5 Metapedia Web Free Website

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