Apps Like GitHub Package Registry & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

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GitHub Package Registry Safely publish and consume packages within your organization or with the entire world. Publish privately for your team, or publicly for the open source communityDiscover and publish public and private packages in one place. Then seamlessly use and reuse any package as a dependency in a project by downloading it straight from GitHub.Use the same secure loginfor your code and packagesStore your packages in the same secure environment as your source code, all protected by your GitHub credentials.Discover public and privatepackages, all in one place More Info »Explore and reuse your organization’s private packages alongside public packages in GitHub.Get fast and reliabledownloads via a global CDNGitHub Package Registry is built with the latest edge caching via a global CDN to deliver great performance, no matter where your builds run.Integrate with your workflowsWith a full API and webhooks support, you can extend your workflows to work with GitHub Package Registry.Manage permissions in one placePackages in GitHub inherit the permissions of the repository, and you no longer need to manage third party solutions and sync team permissions across systems.Learn details from package insightsPackages hosted on GitHub include all the information you need—package contents, download statistics, version history, and more.

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GitHub Package Registry

# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 Alibaba Cloud Container Registry Web Commercial Website
3 SlimGet Linux
Free Website
4 ProGet Windows
Freemium Website
5 Artifactory Java Mobile
Freemium Website
6 NuGet Server Self-Hosted
Freemium Website
7 Docker Hub Web Freemium Website
8 Google Container Registry Web Freemium Website
9 Amazon Elastic Container Registry Web Commercial Website
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