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Apps Like GroupDocs.Assembly & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

GroupDocs.Assembly GroupDocs.Assembly is a LINQ based reporting engine which brings the power of underlying C# syntax… The GroupDocs.Assembly API engine is LINQ based reporting engine and supports underlying C# syntax of LINQ queries. Therefore, GroupDocs.Assembly enables developers to use the familiar and well documented C# syntax to write data binding/traversal queries right in the document templates. As a result, developers can enjoy many benefits including short and concise reporting syntax and binding to any type of supported data source including business objects. For more information about template syntax, please visit: … More Info Β»1) At a glance:1a) Steps you followIn a nutshell, you will follow these steps when using GroupDocs.Assembly Engine:-Create a data source in one of the supported data formats.-Create a template conforming to the supported syntax and expressions.-Pass the data source and the template to the Engine.1b) The actions by GroupDocs.Assembly EngineAs a result of passing template and data source, the Engine will perform following actions:-Sequentially evaluate the expressions against the passed data source object.-Process the results of the expressions according to their roles.-Replace the corresponding tags with appropriate contents.2) Supported Document Formats:-Word Processing Document formats including Microsoft Word-Spreadsheet Document formats including Microsoft Excel-Presentation Document formats including Microsoft PowrPoint3) Supported Data Formats:-Database (using DataSet, DataTable, etc.)-XML (using DataSet.ReadXml or XML deserialization of custom objects)-OData (using deserialization of custom objects through WCF or third-party .NET libraries-JSON (using a third-party component like Json.NET on DataSet or custom objects in .NET-Custom .NET ObjectsFor more detailed information, please visit Product Docs: http://groupdocs.

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