Apps Like Haste & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

Haste Decreases ping in video games. Created by hastegaming Haste reduces lag and improves network stability for gamers, while giving you the tools you need to play smart.Dedicated Fast Lanes: Private fiber optic links + other custom infrastructure = better InternetRedundant Paths: Using multiple data paths at the same time = no single point of failureReal-time Optimization: Constant connection updates so youโ€™re always using the best pathsHASTE SOFTWAREHaste Check: Test your connection before you play โ€” a โ€œbandwidth speedtestโ€œ app for gaming. More Info ยปHaste Recap: A post-game analysis of your connection shows how weโ€™re helping today and how youโ€™re improving over time.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 Kill Ping Windows Commercial Website
3 WTFast Windows Commercial Website
4 Mudfish Chrome Mac
Commercial Website
5 PingEnhancer Discontinued Windows Free Website
6 Leatrix Latency Fix Mac
Free Website
7 Pingzapper Windows Commercial Website
8 ExitLag Alternatives and Similar Software Windows
Commercial Website
9 NoPing Tunnel Windows Commercial Website
10 Battleping Windows Freemium Website

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