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Insight Insight is a version of … Insight is a version of GNU Project Debugger that uses Tcl/Tk to implement a graphical user inter-face. It is a fully integrated GUI, not a separate front-end program. The interface consists of several separate windows, which use standard elements like buttons, scrollbars, entry boxes and such to create a fairly easy to use interface. Each window has a distinct content and purpose, and can be enabled or disabled individually. The windows contain things like the current source file, a disassembly of the current function, text commands (for things that aren’t accessible via a button), and so forth….

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Affinic Debugger GUI Mac
Freemium Website
2 VisualGDB Microsoft Visual Studio
Commercial Website
3 wingdb Microsoft Visual Studio
Commercial Website
4 GNU Data Display Debugger Cygwin
Free Website
5 Kdbg Linux Free Website
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