25 Alternatives & Similar Apps for InstallForge & Comparisons

InstallForge A very simplistic and streamlined program for creating installation files. InstallForge is a very easy-to-use and flexible tool for creating fast installation packages for Windows.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 Advanced Installer   Windows Freemium Website
4 CreateInstall   Windows Freemium Website
5 InstallAware   Windows Commercial Website
6 RayPack Studio   Windows Commercial Website
7 DeployMaster   Windows Commercial Website
8 SFX Tool Discontinued Windows Free Website
9 WinInstall   Windows Freemium Website
10 Wix#   Windows Free Website
11 SamLogic Visual Installer   Windows Commercial Website
12 Setup Factory   Windows Commercial Website
13 IzPack Alternatives and Similar Software   Mac
Free Website
14 CyberInstaller Suite   Windows Freemium Website
15 InstallSimple   Windows Freemium Website
16 Inno Setup   Windows Free Website
17 WixPie   Windows Commercial Website
18 InstallShield   Windows Commercial Website
19 Master Packager   Windows Freemium Website
20 HM NIS EDIT Discontinued Windows
Free Website
21 Centurion Setup   Windows Commercial Website
22 EMCO MSI Package Builder   Windows Commercial Website
23 DCP Setup Maker   Mac
Free Website
24 WiX Alternatives and Similar Software   Windows Free Website
25 ClickTeam Install Creator   Windows Freemium Website

Reasons why Advanced Installer is a good alternative to InstallForge

  • Advanced Installer is a lightweight and easy to use installation software
  • Advanced Installer has a simple and intuitive interface
  • Advanced Installer saves time by allowing you to reuse existing installers
  • Advanced installer has a selection of templates that you can re-use for your own projects
  • Advanced Installer is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Reasons why CreateInstall is a good alternative to InstallForge

  • CreateInstall is a free and easy to use installer for Windows
  • CreateInstall is not bloated with unnecessary components
  • CreateInstall is fast and easy to use
  • CreateInstall provides quick and easy access to the installation files
  • CreateInstall will save you time and money
  • Creation Install allows for full customization of your installer

Reasons why InstallAware is a good alternative to InstallForge

  • InstallAware is a free alternative to InstallForge
  • The setup creator is easy to use
  • You can download and install the software without downloading anything else
  • There’s no required account or subscription
  • It has a lot of features you would need for your software installation

Reasons why DeployMaster is a good alternative to InstallForge

  • DeployMaster offers a free trial
  • DeployMaster is easy to use
  • DeployMaster is stable
  • DeployMaster has updates available to fix bugs or add features
  • DeployMaster does not require installation on the target machine
  • Deploymaster is more affordable

Reasons why SFX Tool is a good alternative to InstallForge

  • A free, alternative to InstallForge
  • No coding knowledge required
  • One-click installers
  • Handy tool for developers
  • Can be used on other operating systems
  • Works with other 3rd party applications