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Apps Like knowledge & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today

knowledge Free Knowledge Base System Knowledge is an open source information sharing service application.The application is self-hosted by Tomcat.Data can be stored in the built-in SQLite database or any PostgreSQL.You can use the account of ActiveDirectory and Ldap. If there is no AD or LDAP, you will user management in the this system.You find the information they want to use a full-text search engine.Search target is not only registered text on web page.You can search for a text that was written in the attached Excel or Word.Registration details will be notified to you when the article is registered. Notification method, “e-mail notification,” “desktop notifications”, “WebHook” are available. More Info Β»You can specify the publication range of the registered information. You can publish the information to all users. On the contrary, it will be able to make visible your information only to yourself.”Knowledge” is the ability of the group management. You are able to publish the information by specifying the group.

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