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Kronometer Kronometer is a stopwatch application. Created by KDE It features the basic stopwatch actions (pause/resume/reset/laps), as well as the ability to save the times and resume them later. Kronometer is part of the KDE Extragear collection, within the Utils sub-module.Features:Start/pause/resume the stopwatch widget.Laps recording: you can capture the stopwatch time when you want.Lap times sorting: you can easily find the shortest lap time or the longest one.Reset the stopwatch widget and the lap times.Time format settings: you can choose the stopwatch granularity.Times saving and resuming: you can save the stopwatch status and resume it later.Font customization: you can choose the fonts for each of the stopwatch digits.Color customization: you can choose the color for the stopwatch digits and the stopwatch background.Lap times export: you can export the lap times to a file using the JSON or CSV format….

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 Worktime Mac Commercial Website
2 MyStopWatch Mac Commercial Website
3 Timer Discontinued Mac
Free Website
4 MenuTimer Discontinued Mac Free Website
5 KTimer Linux Free Website
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