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Kylo Kylo is a web browser designed for computers connected to TVs. Created by Hillcrest Labs Kylo is a web browser designed for computers connected to TVs. Kylo has special features like an on-screen keyboard and mouse-enabled zoom controls that make browsing from the couch easy and enjoyable. Kylo is based on the same secure and stable Gecko engine that powers Firefox. Kylo is now an Open Source project! Contribute your ideas and expertise to the Kylo project. Help make the world’s best TV browser even better by joining Team Kylo! More Info »Information about Kylo source code is available through

Kylo: Your Favourite Web Browser to Use

In this article, we are going to discuss Kylo. You must be wondering what it is. Kylo is a web browser. This can connect your computer to the T.V. This gives the liberty to the user to sit comfortably. There is no need to sit right in front of the desktop. Well, Kylo is made by Hillcrest Labs. They are the mastermind behind this genius browser. This browser is entirely beneficial. As you can sit at your couch and operate the screen. This is only possible because of Kylo. The reason behind this is that the computer gets connected to the television set. The keyboard option is provided on the screen.

One can easily sit at the couch and work. This browser is made to provide a comfort zone to the user. As there is also the option of zooming through the mouse. One of these options is that you can operate the computer by sitting on the couch. So there is no need to sit off of the chair right opposite to the pc. How is it possible? This question must be running through your mind. This is possible because the computer is connected through the pc. Between this connection, the Kylo browser plays a significant role.

Apart from this, you can make the connection very easily and conveniently. The least you have to do is install or download the browser. Over the years this has gained a lot of prominences. As technology keeps evolving. Over the years, even the Kylo application has evolved. The basic features of the personal computer are to use the keyboard and the mouse. By doing this, the keyboard can be operated on a large screen. Along with the mouse is capable of zooming out things. Some of the biggest advantages are that it gives the ability to sit on the couch. This program also allows participating and making this browser handier. Say goodbye to the computer setup. 

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Details of the Kylo 

● Kylo is a browser that creates a connection between two devices. It joints the connection between computer and television

● A large screen and a mouse operate the computer.

● The bright side is you can get rid of sitting in front of the P.C

● Kylo is a browser that is a very safe and secure and stable Gecko engine that powers Firefox. 

● The credit must be given to Kylo. Because it allows you to sit anywhere and operate the keyboard or mouse. 

● In fact, it is not a very big bear to install Kylo. This browser can be installed very swiftly.


  • Who is the founder of Kylo?

Hillcrest Labs is the founder of Kylo. 

  • Which device is connected to the computer?

Kylo connects the computer with the television. This makes it very enjoyable to operate the P.C.

  • What is Kylo?

Well, it is a browser that makes a connection between the computer and the television box.

  • Is it better than other alternatives?

Yes, it has been awarded as well. Kylo has marked its place.



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