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Apps Like Navigator & Comparison with Popular Alternatives For Today The Smart Way to Find Investors As any founder can attest, fundraising is hugely painful and time intensive. Our aim is to help founders spend less time, be more efficient, and focus on value-add activities so you have a higher likelihood of success and can focus on the core business of running a startup.The key features are:Search: Exists so you can spend less time combing through databases of investors, researching each one to see if you fit their general criteria before you try and connect to them, and trying to prioritise the top ones based on how good a fit you are. Instead, our Search feature scans previous investment activity to predict an investor’s criteria. We weight recency of those investments, as well as geographic, sector or category focus. We then rank the results in order of best fit…. More Info »Track (preview): Our visual investor CRM tool helps you manage your investor outreach, ensuring that no crucial conversations slip through the cracks. Fundraising has enough moving parts as it is, so best to stay organised. Track is in preview at the moment with basic features available to users. But we will be releasing lots of exciting things in the near future.Assess: Get expert feedback on your overall investor proposition from our team of assessors, along with an objective rating/score indicating your investment readiness level. Over 80% of top-scoring startups go on to raise funding successfully so the score and report can be a strong signal for you to see where you stand. Assess helps you get into the best possible shape to complete your fundraising round.

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