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LemList Send cold emails that get replies Send cold emails.

LemList: The Automatic Mail Sender

LemList is an application that helps in the automatic email process. It is mainly used to process emails that you are less interested in. LemList will send automatic emails based on the customer’s action. You can send emails to the customers with whom you are not in contact or any relationship while you are browsing.

LemList mostly helps to process the cold mails. Emails related to business, advertisements, part-time jobs, sales teams, and many more cold emails. It can quickly send emails to lots of buyers.

Launching and history of LemList

Guillaume Moubeche is the co-founder and CEO of the LemList. A B2B lead generation agency is being run by Guillaume in Paris. He is sending lots of cold emails on behalf of their customers. LemList was launched in February 2018. Its starting price is $49 which can be used for a lifetime. LemList is one of the affordable apps.

After a year of launching, there is a very good response from the customers. And the ratings are also increased very highly. After in less than two years, LemList has crossed over $1 million ARR mark without giving any funds. Though there are many problems at starting they have reached the highest quality of rate in just a year.

How it works

  • First, you have to create a new email address for sending cold emails. So, personal emails will not be spam.
  • After creating you have to choose an email provider. There are two types. Paid and free. Among these, you should select paid, to gain customer’s trust.
  • All the information about your email account should be real. So, the third parties cannot interrupt.
  • Email authentication is also available. Customers can check whether it is a spam or a real one.
  • You can increase the rate of email by warm-up your email account. If the email account is newly created then thirty warm-up emails can be sent per day. If it is an old one, you can send forty warm-up emails per day.

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Top features

Email personalization: This is one of the best features. You can send personalized emails to the customers. You can add your company name, address, and also your first name. So you can gain the customer’s trust.

Automatic emails: As the name itself says, you can send emails automatically based on the customer’s action. And if someone replies to your automatic emails then you can pause the automation and can send the details to them.

Tracking domains: Most of the emails will be spammed by going through certain domains. If you don’t avoid this, then your customers will no be able to see your emails. So, such domains can be tracked using this feature.

Handy integrations: You don’t need to add every single data on the websites. Handy integrations can help you to transfer your data between the various websites.


  1. Will I be charged automatically after the free trial ends?

         No, as you don’t need a credit card to test LemList.

  • Can I test all the features during the free trial?

Yes, you are free to test anything.