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Make My Day Electric Vehicle (EV) Back-end API and Front-end PWA application to manage charging on daily… Created by Make My Day Make My Day – Route Planning App and Driving assistance for Drivers and Electric Vehicles. Planning Stops, timing and locations.Make My Day is a smart decision making algorithm that helps users to plan their daily drive in the most efficient way. The solution offered is not only to one drive but also for a few days, a week and can be extended even to a few months. The main goal of Make My Day is the ability to integrate and be part of the user journey and commute in an holistic way. Connecting to the user Calendar the User Agenda and the rest of Running Errands the user needs to do during the way, and optimizing it.Focusing on the EV (Electric Vehicle) market, Make My Day allows people to plan their stops, charging and the rest of their chors in an easy matter. No longer searching for a charging station, but Make My Day can offer the best charging station just next to the meeting, stop or any other errands, so users can charge their car while doing other things meanwhile working in a parallel charging solution…. More Info Β»No longer just one drive, look all over your day or weekDon’t drive around – get the optimal route for mutiple navigation pointsCharge while in a meetingsPre book the charging stationMake My Day is a startup company, founded in Israel Tel-Aviv and opreates in Israel, Germany and currently entering the rest of Europe. Lately Make My Day have started negotiotion with USA partners as well as far east, working with Japan / Tokyo and Korea.

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