10 Awesome Mechanical Turk Alternatives

The task of finding people with the right skills is often a time-consuming and difficult one. As more businesses are turning to crowdsource, they’re looking for ways to make the process easier. You may have heard about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform that helps companies find people willing to perform tasks online for small sums of money. But there are other options out there! This article will discuss some mechanical Turk alternatives you might want to consider if this is something

10 Awesome Mechanical Turk Alternatives:

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk 

2. Microtask 

3. Crowdflower 

4. Clickworker 

5. Gigwalk 

6. Fiverr 

7. Upwork 

8. Freelancer 

9. Guru 

10. PeoplePerHour 

11. Top Talent 

Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing platform provided by Amazon. It was created in 2005 and has since evolved to become one of the world’s largest workforce marketplaces, with over 500k workers from 190 countries around the globe. With Mechanical Turk, companies can “outsource” small time projects that are either too difficult or expensive for them to complete themselves or would take more time than they have available. They post tasks on their website with descriptions including what needs to be done and how much it will pay; then people all over the internet download those tasks onto their computer at home and get paid for completing them through electronic funds transfer into their bank account (or direct deposit).


A microtask is a small task that takes only a few seconds to complete. Microtasks usually don’t require much thought and usually won’t take more than 30 minutes to do. The tasks are often repetitive, such as clicking on an ad or filling out surveys for points. These platforms offer you the opportunity to make some extra money while watching TV! Some of these sites include: Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Moglue (this one I’ve found really fun), Mechanical Turk’s microworkers site and Amazon’s crowdsource service. All of them pay different amounts in cash or gift cards but all provide short bursts of work during your downtime – so use them wisely!

-For example: On Moglue you can get paid for doing things like categorizing cars or bargaining with a store.

-On Mechanical Turk you’ll be given more difficult tasks that require some thought and experience, but the rewards are higher.

-The Swagbucks site is perfect for people who want to watch TV while earning money (you’re not limited to just watching TV though!), because there’s no limit on how much you make per day!


Crowdflower is a company that provides microtasks for companies and individuals. They also provide the option to work on more difficult tasks with rewards like cash or gift cards, but they require some experience in programming-related fields. The average task takes about 15 minutes to complete and you can do as many of them as you wish!

The first thing you’ll want to do is register for an account.

You can create a free account, but your earnings will be capped at $0.50 per day and there are limits on what tasks you can perform (mostly programming-related microtasks). If it’s your goal just to make some extra money without investing too much time or energy into the process, then this might work out fine for you!


The next option is Clickworker.

Clickworker has a lot of the same kind of tasks that are available on Mechanical Turk, but you can earn more money and do different kinds of work from home jobs to office-related duties. You’ll need some experience with programming or graphic design in order to qualify for certain positions, so it’s best if you have an idea what your skill set is before applying! They also allow people without any skills at all (just lots of time) to use their platform as well by doing simple data entry projects where they enter information about products into spreadsheets or transcribe audio files. The downside? There aren’t too many opportunities here unless you’re looking for something very specific.


Gigwalk is a mobile app that pays people to go out into the world with their smartphones and do everything from taking photos of buildings for architecture firms, checking if retail stores have price tags on items, or verifying an apartment’s rental rates. The tasks are all differentโ€”some might be asking you to snap some pictures while others will ask you to verify information about something specific in your area. You’ll find many gigs within driving distance of you which means no more having to spend hours scrolling through listings!


Fiverr is one of the most popular places to find work on Mechanical Turk. There are many different tasks you can do, including writing articles, creating logos or doing some web design. The prices start at $ five per project and there’s a lot of variety in the types of projects available so it won’t get too repetitive if you’re looking for something simple like data entry that pays well!

– Fiverr has over 100 categories to choose from with more than 200 million completed jobs (and counting).  

– You’ll find anything from graphic design & animation gigs, logo designs and even virtual assistance services such as personal assistant help around your house. This means all kinds of skill sets will be able to make money on  this site.

– The pricing is all over the place, with gigs starting at just $ five and going up to $ 200 for a logo design. Payment gets deposited directly into your bank account after you’ve delivered the work or completed an order if it’s digital content like web design & animation projects!   – This website also has customer reviews so finding out how satisfied other people are will help you feel more confident in what kind of gig to take on next!


-Upwork is a popular platform to find freelancers for all kinds of projects.  This website offers more than just basic services like freelance writing, translation and design work: Upwork also has gigs in the fields of marketing, engineering & law! – Payment ranges from $ five to over $ 2000 depending on how many hours you’re willing to commit or what kind of service is offered.   You’ll need an account if you want to be able to apply for jobs so it’s not free but there are no monthly charges when you don’t have any active job listings.

Cool Alternatives To Mechanical Turk:

-Fiverr (gig prices start at only $ five)

-99Designs ($ 199 for  advanced services)

-Elance ($ five to over $ 2000 depending on how many hours you’re willing to commit or what kind of service is offered)

-RentACoder.com (prices start at only $ 12/hour for a developer with more than 15 years experience in web development and programming).


-Freelancer.com is a platform for finding and hiring freelancers to do nearly any kind of work you can imagine. You’ll find many talented professionals, from web developers to photographers, but it’s important that you take time when vetting your potential contractor to make sure they have the skills required for the job.

The pricing ranges greatly depending on what services are needed: starting at $ five per hour or project up to as much as $ 5000+! Freelance workers need their own account with no monthly charges if there are no active jobs listed in order to be able to apply for projects so this isn’t necessarily free – although some gigs may offer free trials (and payment after) such as those who hire  virtual assistants.


This site allows you to hire freelancers with over 150 different skills, so if there’s a type of work that needs doing and you can’t find someone locally or on another website like Upwork, try Guru. The cost is typically about $ 20 per hour for any given skill (although the rates vary depending on category). You’ll need to set up an account before being able to post a job listing with them but it shouldn’t take too long – especially considering their clear-cut process.

The downside is that most contractors are based overseas which means communication takes more time than with other sites as well as some clients having dispute issues when things don’t go smoothly.

However, this could be great for those looking for a  more global workforce.

Another downside is that many of the contractors post as freelancers, but they are not – instead, they’re actually employers posting their job openings on this site. So be careful when you contact these people and make sure to do your research beforehand so you know exactly what it is they do for a living!

One upside I’ve found with Guru is that there seems to be more diversity in skill sets than other sites like Upwork or Fiverr which can really help if you need something specific done.


PeoplePerHour is one of the most popular sites to find freelancers, and they’re also a good option if you need something done quickly.  They charge around $30 per hour for work that’s up to par with what other platforms would offer – their biggest downside is that there are some fake reviews on here from clients who’ve had great experiences but never actually used PeoplePerHour themselves or not as many negative reviews when compared to competitors like Fiverr or UpWork which can make it harder to judge quality sometimes.

One thing I noticed about this site was how much cheaper things were than similar services like Upwork ($20) and Fiverr ($25). This means projects may take a little longer but otherwise you  can get more bang for your buck!


TopTalent is a platform for people to post freelancing jobs, and those looking for work can apply.  They have an excellent community of technical experts on here but it’s hard to find someone who does exactly what you’re looking for unless they are specifically posting about that skill set.

There are some good resources in the forums too if you need help with anything from writing code or designing graphics.

The downside I’ve found is that Top Talent doesn’t seem as strict when checking qualifications like Upwork – this means there may be more bad reviews than Fiverr because people don’t do their research before hiring someone else to complete projects which can make it harder to judge quality sometimes!