2 Alternatives & Similar Apps for MojoTxt & Comparisons

MojoTxt An SMS communication platform for nonprofits and churches. Created by Studio 8E8 MojoTxt helps churches and nonprofits communicate and receive donations via text.With MojoTxt, sending messages and receiving donations is just the beginning. We’re passionate about creating new and innovative ways for you to communicate and interact with people.• Subscription ListsSend text or picture messages to any number of groups. Easily schedule messages to be sent at specific times or intervals. More Info »• DonationsReceive one-time or repeating donations from anyone with a smartphone. Accept credit cards and low-cost ACH donations. • ConversationsHave one-on-one conversations with people. Respond to messages from your desktop or phone web browser, or via email.• Auto-RespondersProvide on-demand access to information and registration forms by sending text and links in response to a keyword.• Live PollsEngage your audience with real-time text voting. Display the live results on the big screen.

MojoTxt: Powerful Texting

All over the world, we are using many software and applications for texting. The most effective texting application is Mojo.txt. This application is most effective for text in the form of digital communication today.

What is mojo txt?

Mojotext is the most powerful text messaging tool that keeps you connected with your entire congregation. Users can use it anytime and anywhere. With the support of mass communication, one-on-one conversations, giving, and many more other features it has. This application also has mojotxt is the most complete church texting service also available.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
2 2 Alternatives & Similar Apps for MojoTxt & Comparisons 1 Trumpia Web   Commercial Website
3 2 Alternatives & Similar Apps for MojoTxt & Comparisons 2 Remind Web Android
Android Tablet
Free Website

Features of mojotxt

This application has very unique features

  • Innovative Features: with this application users can send messages and he can also receive the donation in just the beginning. The application developers are adding some more features i.e. creating new and innovative ways to communicate and interact with people.
  • Exclusive Phone Numbers: A user when using the message service then he can share a short with the thousands of the companies by using this application. The user can send and receive messages from the local and also from the toll-free phone number which is dedicated to your organization.
  • Unlimited Keywords: This application has unlimited keywords. This is not very fond of the limits. The user can make an infinite number of subscription lists, donation funds, autoresponders, live polls, and more without paying an extra cent.
  • Powerful Tools: It has powerful texting tools to connect and engage with your church like never before.

Frequently asked Question

  1. How do I send a Response Automatically?

Auto responses give the information about the event, it gives links to registration forms and also they do just about anything else you can imagine. If you are set up an Autoresponder. By this application, people receive an immediate response from your organization. It also contains the information which is requested by the user. They also have the ability to include a trackable link, so then you can see how these people can click the link.

  • Is this application good for donation texting?

Yes, these application features are better than any other application. It is good for donation texting. We all know that everyone is using a smartphone so by using this mobile application they can use various options like a meeting, event, and service.

  • How can I connect individually with the other users?

The mojotxt application is very useful for those who want to send the same text they can use as a broadcasting option. There are lots of benefits if they use it for communication and they can send large groups of people these messages. This is the main reason that this application is quite popular among people.

  • Does Mojotxt provide users with a subscription list?

Many people are likely to open their text messages, via the Mojotxt they can do digital communication and have a dedicated list of people to send the message that is already interested in your organization. This application also provides the user list to each user.

Reasons why Trumpia is a good alternative to MojoTxt

In today’s world, texting has become a central form of communication. However, for many people, composing text messages can be a lengthy process that requires a lot of time and effort. Trumpia is a simple app that was developed with the intention of simplifying this process. With Trumpia, texting is not only easier but it also allows users to send messages in any language they want.

Reasons why Remind is a good alternative to MojoTxt

Remind is a powerful texting app that offers better features than MojoTxt, which is comparable to the popular texting app. It has the ability to send photos, videos, and gifs. It also includes “reminders” for tasks that need your attention. The price of the app is cheaper at $50 for an annual subscription with unlimited use, but if you’re willing to pay more for premium features, they are available as well.



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