15 Most Popular Websites of Internet That Got Most Visits Every Day

Listing the best 15 most popular sites available on the internet

Advanced technology has paved the way for a better future. The greatest means of finding something on the internet today is using certain websites. Although there are so many websites flooded all over the internet, there are certain ones available known to be popular sites.

What are the popular sites?

In simple terms, popular sites refer to those websites that heavily impact you in one way or the other. These sites, when searched in the search engine, appear to be on the top of the list, thanks to the use of lots of SEO tools. In addition to that, these sites attract a large amount of traffic and online users and therefore, their popularity further increases. The global traffic index is clearly reflected on these sites and thus, you can view them as per your own preference.

How do popular sites work and what is its impact on the users?

Most of the popular sites that are available on the internet have something in common. The fact that their content is superior in comparison to other sites makes them much more suitable and available to the users. In other words, once you start reading any piece of information on popular sites, you instantly receive lots of clarity. The feature of being transparent and user-friendly is typically seen in the top sites.

The impact of hooking onto the top sites are many. In simple words, the quality of traffic is intense. The developers of these sites have worked really hard in order to maintain the systematic exposure of information to its users. Therefore, the use of tools helps in the proper optimization of the websites and this makes them quite user-friendly. The estimated traffic in these sites continues to grow daily owing to the level of content that is being displayed and the features that are being showcased.

Listing the 15 most popular sites available for users:

Whenever you think of opening one of the popular sites, you do get attracted by its features. Thus, the 15 most popular sites that all users must be aware of are as follows:

Google is considered to be the most popular site in the world. With people searching their content daily, more than 16 billion people have estimated, visitors. The Alexa rank for this site is 1, and it’s complete and Quantcast rank is also 1. You can very well assume the popularity here!

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. People use it to communicate and stay in touch with each other. Its Alexa rank is 2, compete and Quantcast rank is 3. On an estimate, 11 billion people are on facebook.

If you pretty much love watching videos, then YouTube has to be on that list. This website is helpful in streaming both live and other video content online. Its Alexa rank is 3, complete rank is 4 and Quantcast rank is 2.

A popular search engine that is great for its reliability, Yahoo gets around 75 million visitors per day. Its Alexa rank is 4, complete rank is 2 and Quantcast rank is 7.

An online shopping website that is expanding its roots all over the world, Amazon has 50 million visitors daily. The Alexa rank for this site is 12, complete rank is 7 and Quantcast rank is 9.

The greatest offline search engine in the world, Wikipedia has an estimate of 4.75 million visitors on a daily basis. The Alexa rank for this site is 6, complete rank is 8 and Quantcast rank is 17.

Want to know what your celebrities are posting? Just follow them on Twitter. Like other social media platforms, Twitter helps you in uploading posts daily and more than 2.9 million use and visit this site. The Alexa rank is 9, complete rank is 20 and Quantcast rank is 6.

Bling website gets an estimate of 2.85 million visitors per day. Its complete rank is 5, while the Alexa rank is 25 and Quantcast rank is 15.

eBay like Amazon is a shopping website that helps customers in increasing versatility for online shopping. On an estimate, this site gets around 2.85 million visitors daily. The Alexa rank remains the same at 23, while the complete rank and Quantcast rank stands to be at 11.

The MSN website has an Alexa ranking of 36. Its complete rank is 10 and Quantcast rank is 4. On average, this website gets 2.7 million visitors.

Microsoft has always been popular since time immemorial. Its Alexa rank is 39, complete rank is 10 and Quantcast rank is 4. The site gets 2.6 million visitors per day.

LinkedIn is supposed to be one of the best job sites in the world along with gathering fruitful pieces of content. You can also follow people of inspiration here and create your own profile. This site gets 2.7 million visitors daily and has an Alexa rank of 39. The complete rank is 10 and Quantcast rank is 4.

Pinterest has recorded 2.5 million visitors and has an Alexa rank of 27. The complete and Quantcast rank is 25 and 14 respectively.

The ask website hosts around 2.45 million people and has a complete rank of 12. Its Alexa rank is 30 and Quantcast rank is 30.

WordPress is made to record 2.40 million people daily and has an Alexa rank of 18. The complete rank is 38 and Quantcast rank is 16.

The final talk of the best popular sites:

If you carefully look at the popular sites listed, most of it is used by individuals in their daily life, either personally or professionally. Therefore, the reasons that make them so much popular are certainly the content displayed along with better user-interface. Thus, using popular sites makes you a visitor among the millions, who search up these sites for fruitful pieces of information.