10 Alternative & Similar Apps for Mouseposé & Comparisons

Mouseposé Mouseposé is the indispensible mouse pointer highlighting tool (aka “virtual… Created by Boinx Software Ltd. Mouseposé is the indispensible mouse pointer highlighting tool (aka “virtual laserpointer”) for everyone doing demos at tradeshows, presentations and trainings, or those individuals with huge and high resolution displays.When activated, it dims the screen and shines a spotlight on the area around the mouse pointer, easily guiding the audiences attention to an area of interest or helping you to quickly locate the mouse pointer. More Info »”A great program that puts other similar ones to shame. It’s not only the functionality but the elegance and good looks that make it a winner. After all, a presentation is supposed to look good, and Mouseposé if anything, will make it look even better.” – Victor Mihailescu, Apple News Editor, Softpedia”More than just eye candy” – MacZealots.com”Brilliant.” Macworld UKVisualizing Presenter ActionThe audience will be able to follow you much better throughout your presentation if people can clearly see what you are doing. In contrast to a simple laserpointer, not only does Mouseposé highlight the mouse pointer so that the audience can follow it around your screen, it also visualizes mouse clicks by drawing a red circle (or two or three depending on the number of mouse clicks) around the mouse, enables you too choose a sound to be played when the mouse is clicked and lets you pick different colors for right and left mouse clicks. When the Mouse stays over a window for more than a configurable time, the focus automatically expands to highlight the window and your presentation moves smoothly from detail to context. Mousposé also includes keystroke visualization to show the audience what keys you press during your presentation.Find The Mouse PointerWith multiple huge high resolution displays connected to your computer.

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# Image App Name Features Platforms Price Website Link
1 PointerFocus Windows Commercial Website
2 KeyCastr Mac Free Website
5 Visualize Mac Commercial Website
7 KeyPosé Windows Free Website
8 KeyPress OSD Windows Commercial Website
9 KeyCastOW Windows Free Website
10 Carnac Windows Free Website

Reasons why PointerFocus is a good alternative to Mouseposé

The PointerFocus is an excellent alternative to Mouseposé, an indispensible mouse pointer highlighting tool. The PointerFocus allows the user to use the following features: Increase pointer speed, set pointer acceleration curves, and set mouse sensitivity curves. In just a few minutes, users can customize the PointerFocus to their preference and get back to work.

Reasons why KeyCastr is a good alternative to Mouseposé

KeyCastr is a new Windows app that will let you share your mouse cursor with your audience on Twitch.tv, YouTube, or any other live streaming site.
KeyCastr does not depend on the use of a specialized hardware device to track the mouse cursor. All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to start sharing your work, gaming, cooking, or anything else you want to do in front of a live viewer.

Reasons why Putlocker.to is a good alternative to Mouseposé

Mouseposé is an invaluable mouse pointer highlighting tool for any designer, but it can cost $4.99. Putlocker.to is a free alternative that will do the job just as well for your work on the computer. Putlocker.to is a free web browser extension that does not require any installation and functions simply enough by adding an icon to the top right of the screen while using Chrome or Firefox.

Reasons why Visualize is a good alternative to Mouseposé

Mouseposé is an indispensible mouse pointer highlighting tool that highlights the mouse pointer to show what application windows are currently open. The program has been discontinued with the introduction of MacOS 10.14, but its successor, Visualize, has filled in nicely. Though not as powerful as Mouseposé, Visualize does something most Windows programs can’t do: it gives you a bird-eye view of the screen so you can quickly locate windows and minimize them

Reasons why KeyPosé is a good alternative to Mouseposé

KeyPosé is a simple mouse pointer highlighting tool that makes it easier for users to find the cursor on the screen. This free program is a good alternative to Mouseposé because unlike Mouseposé, KeyPosé does not require a third party application and also works with every version of Windows starting from Windows 7. The software is available for download at their website and requires only a small amount of system resources to run smoothly.